Has anyone ever failed a lab test after passing a home test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by k.daddy, May 25, 2011.

  1. k.daddy

    k.daddy New Member

    anyone? interested in your experiences...

  2. kahuda

    kahuda New Member

    Yes, I did. But the reason was because I stupidly used my second piss of the day when I went in to the lab. When I did the home test the previous day, it was later in the day and I had pissed multiple times before-hand.

    Bottom line is, if you pass a home test, you're good to go. Home tests have a cutoff level of 50 ng/mL. This is the same cutoff that the labs use for the initial EMIT test; they only use the GC/MS (cutoff of 15 ng/mL) to confirm a positive from the EMIT. Just don't make the same mistake I did. I ended up being fine in the end (read my thread 'pre-emp drug test'), but I could've avoided the situation had I not gotten careless.
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  3. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    I took a home test the day before my test with my first void but the night before I only wound up sleeping 3 or 4 hours. I passed with a nice solid line though. Do you think that was a problem?
  4. xuph19

    xuph19 New Member

    OG I'll tell you again, that fat solid line with the 50 ng/ml is golden man -- I still say you passed. :-D
  5. xuph19

    xuph19 New Member

    I'd like to add, 50 ng/ml is *A* standard test. Quest, for instance, also offers a 20 ng/ml as "standard" to some employers. Odds are, *MOST* folks will face a 50 ng/ml, but not ALL.

    Of course, the CUTOFF amount and the CONFIRM are two seperate beasts -- I've found most forms can be Googled so you have a better idea of what you face if you can manage to stall. For instance, I'm sure I'll face one Tuesday, and, I have an excuse lined up to stall until Wednesday so I can research what I'll face.

    No, researching WHILE on the job is a BAD idea for a lot of reasons -- use your smartphone at lunch or your PC from home are your safest bets. (just for those who might not be aware of safety protocols)
  6. kahuda

    kahuda New Member

    In my opinion, it sounds like you're okay. Did you dilute at all?
  7. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    Yeah it said it on the paper they gave me and it's at 50. I used my regular urine of 27 days clean so I hope they don't double check. For the record I had just started smoking a month ago again and had smoked roughly 5 times out of a one hitter shared with 2 people. Yeah... Ima lightweight lol. I basically went through a whole dub total with my friends. So I'm beginning to feel more confident every day as I hope to not get a call from this job:)
  8. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    I had a good amount of water two days before and I downed two shots of vinegar the day before lol
  9. xuph19

    xuph19 New Member

    OG, buddy, the whizzquiz is beat, and, because quizzes cost money -- even on contract -- they don't just hand them out pell-mell.

    I won't offer an early gratz on the job, but I can't WAIT to be the first to say "Gratz you did it!"
  10. xuph19

    xuph19 New Member

    Vinegar is bad, mmmkay? ;)

    I mean, it won't "hurt" you (well anything outside of moderation), but, IIRC how PH works, vinegar will LOWER the PH of your urine, which, could potentially fail a SVT -- and give you the runs if you drink too much of it, which, can lead to other complications.

    Vinegar is a BAD myth and needs to be shot in the head and left for dead.

    Since you had those two shots the day before, I don't THINK it'd matter to the test. Can't say for certain.
  11. kahuda

    kahuda New Member

    Well, dilution will only really help on the day of the test, and vinegar doesn't really do much. But considering the fact that you haven't really smoked that much and gave yourself plenty of time to get clean, and that you passed a home test, I'd say you're very much in the clear.

    Good luck and good tokes!
  12. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    I count the days bro haha
  13. klcm

    klcm New Member

    I have been 31 days clean but took two hits in Vegas 2 weeks ago. I also got my wisdom teeth pulled 2 weeks ago and have been taking hydrocodone but quit taking them about a week ago, I got a random today and it came back inconclusive, so theyre sending it to the lab hopefully I just fail for hydros I took a home test 2 days ago for marijuana and passed. Will update with results. Wish me luck :/
  14. thcgirl88

    thcgirl88 New Member

    i passed an at home test then got a diltued/inconclusive result at the Quest lab....i retook the test and passed, and posted my method on "the results thread"...mainly borrowing from N2's dilution tips and tricks
  15. sogood125

    sogood125 New Member

    I was wondering the same question. I have passed 2 home tests with a little faint line on both. I am about 3 weeks clean after smoking about 2-3 times per week at most for 2-3 months. I will be clean about 28 days on my day test. I will let you know what happens, hope for the best.
  16. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Looks and sounds good to me. I do see people post here every once in a while saying that they passed at home and failed in the lab, but I do still believe this is rather an anomaly. With that said, if you are worried that this could be you, then simply get two different brands of at-home tests so you can see if you're getting the same results for both or not.

    As for the 50ng vs. 20ng cutoff, your paperwork will tell you what you're up against. 20ng is not anywhere near as likely, but if that's what you're up against, you ought to know it by looking at your paperwork.

    Given the OPs history and details, I would be much more inclined to worry about something else :)

  17. mitchtigger

    mitchtigger New Member

    Did you pass your test?
  18. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Immunoassay tests (strip tests) are 99% accurate, meaning that one strip out of a hundred will give you a false positive or a false negative. If the consequences are serious, I'd take two tests from different batches or different manufacturers. That would reduce your chances of a false result to 1 in 10,000.

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