Has anyone ever flown w/edibles?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Melizzard, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Melizzard

    Melizzard New Member

    Hey, I'm taking a trip to Alaska this weekend and would love to take a chocolate bar with me, but not sure how to do it and not get in trouble. I realize that checked baggage is prolly safer than carry-on, but it will have to be packed w/a little ice pack so it won't melt. I thought perhaps I could vacuum seal it and put it in with some other protein bars we have, in our suitcase in a little ice pack cooler. Would it stand out too much in a scan if it's vacuum sealed? Since it's not a "typical" chocolate bar, it does not have an outer wrapper ... just the foil wrapper like on the inside of a Hershey bar ... and it has been opened ... do you think it's too risky?

    As for my herb, I'm Fedexing it up there overnight. ;)

  2. benjammin21

    benjammin21 New Member

    honestly if its the shape of a hershey bar and already has the hershey bar foil wrapper, you should just buy a hershey bar and put the outer wrapper on it. itll just look like a hershey bar then...i really doubt that they would open it, all theyll see is a chocolate bar from the outside. you should be fine.

    just make sure the ice pack meets tsa guidelines. i dont see why it wouldnt but ive never seen someone bring an ice pack on a flight.
  3. Melizzard

    Melizzard New Member

    Oooooh, good idea, Benjammin! The only thing is, it does smell distinctly like chocolately THC! ;) So that's why I was going to vacuum seal it so no odor. I've got half a mind to just carry the darn thing in my purse and run it thru security, but I just wonder if they'd alert to a chocolate bar being vacuum sealed?

  4. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    Have you thought of the trouble of taking a Bus, or even better, a Railroad train? If it's like Europe,"They" don't check out those transportation oppositions, like the Heavy Security of Airline Flights,and complete X-Ray,and pat-downs! Terrorists don't hijack Trains,and busses either. Think of the sights on a Railroad Train!, The cheap safety of a Bus.
  5. benjammin21

    benjammin21 New Member

    to alaska? i think thats way outta the question. its not a problem flying with a candy bar anyways. who the hell is gonna question a candy bar even if it is vacuum sealed...they would have to actually inspect it to tell is vacuum sealed anyways. i think youll be just fine and there isnt much reason to worry. if you arent feelin it at the airport then just eat it before security.
  6. Melizzard

    Melizzard New Member

    ROFLMAO .... you're talking to a SERIOUS lightweight here ... I mean, 1/8 of that candybar is supposed to be 1 dose. I only take 1/8 of THAT! Yeah, if I ate the whole thing, I'd forget how to breathe or have a heart attack! ;) ;)

  7. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    do it. eat the whole thing. haha. then post back here telling us what happened.
  8. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    Don't do it. The repurcussions are serious. Had a friend that was flying from Seattle to Fairbanks and got caught with a small quantity of the unmentionables. Automatic felont. He's sitting in Kent right now waiting to get bent over and poked good.
  9. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    Have flown with edibles many, many times. The trick is to pack a lunch. Have PLENTY of other edibles and it will blend in just fine. If you take other protein bars vacuum seal them ALL together. Happy trails!
  10. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    I just went to Las Vegas with a HUGE batch of weed cookies hah, and the security guy just picked up the cookie box set it aside and told me I couldn't bring my hot sauce ( which was a distraction anyway, AND WORKED) lol and just put the cookies back in my bag! It was carry on too. But since your going to alaska, I don't know, the domestic flight to vegas they're weren't any dogs so I was fine. I also think it kind of helped that I had braces and I had purposely worn my rubber bands to make me look even more innocent hah. BUt it's just up to you, if you do it, just act calm, don't attract attention to yourself and you should be good. And yea it's a felony but I mean damn, it's in food, unless they have a dog right there, there's pretty much no way they could say these treats are illegal lol

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