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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Le0n, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    There are several instances where one whom is in possesion of a multi-piece Grinder has an oppertunity to indulge in lovely session of kief only. The same applies to the ever so prominant methodology of Vaporization. And thanks to the Internet and the application technology, most of us have access to purchasing many several Vaporizer models.

    Alot of these models however, do not accomodate a user who is wanting to partake in the use of kief, and kief only. Being a fairly powdery substance, it is highly likly that much of the product is going to slip through the cracks of a screen. this forces the user to mix bud with the kief, if one wanted to vaporize it. Well, the fact is, you do not have to.

    What I am about to explain is plainly "oil bedding". For my example I will be using a Direct Draw model with whip, akin to the Vapor Brothers, or Silver Surfer as the example.

    What is needed, and is the most important and only piece of material you will have to buy, is a fine and flexible, tiny micron screen. I use the screen from a Vapir O2, that is used to filter the mouth piece.

    I would start by bending the screen so it resembles a container. Then slip that screen into the wand. I would only put it in there slightly below the surface opening. Bare in mind that your original screen is still intact and inside the wand. There is no need to input/remove it as it does not hinder the process.

    Simply, one would pour the powdered kief into the wand with small micron screen being used as a cup like container, and proceed to vaporize it. You will notice a very thick and consistant vapor quickly emitted, without the need to get a piece of bud going. Later, you can slip the screen out, and wont have to worry about powdered material clogging up your main screen.

    I started doing this mainly because when I want hash, I only want hash. There is a reason for that, and the reason is I like the effect of hash alone, without that of the bud. And visa versa, as they both convey slightly different effects.
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  2. m0sh

    m0sh New Member


    I dunno why you have to make another thread regarding this ...

    Anyway, IMO the best way is making tiny balls and adding some leavs or duff weed so the hash/resin would stick to the leavs and not the screens...I am using 250C (482F) which might not be too healty but I just don't see how to vaporize in lower temps.

    It is incredible and still not as hard as you might think (move through a water pipe to make it even easier)
  3. Le0n

    Le0n New Member


    First of all I dont know why you have to compare an opinion page to a How To.

    Second of all your "opinion" of usage is a regression. The inability to use Kief on its own is the main reason I made this thread.

    The thread is about Vaporizing Kief only, without "Making balls and mixing leaves"....

    That temp is Also too high to Hash, as hash has a fairly low boiling point. You are not vaporizing in the optimum method. You may aswell smoke a bowl.
  4. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Vape a bowl, once it's cashed, put has on top, then vape the hash when you want to get a hash stone
  5. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Yeh. Then you have to deal with the taste of Duff, and the problem of the screen getting clogged. Regardless, the post I made was a method of use, not a call for help.
  6. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Dude , you are clearly missing my point.

    I could not care less that this is your thread and not mine, if you actually bothered reading then you'd have seen that I wanted help and to learn other methods.

    I'm just saying I would loved your help when I wrote the thread.

    What temp are u using?
  7. duckmn56

    duckmn56 New Member

    SPOT on! dude I had to actually sit and read ur post bu good suggestion. Maybe I will try it but it will be months from now since I dont have any extra screens and graduyating getting job etc.. ill be back on the sauce just gotta get established...

    Mosh these are clearly different methods as the OP is trying to enjoy the pure taste of Kief or hash. Not vaped weed or weed with kief as neither make optimum pairs. I understand. I had the same problem right now. I settled on putting it on weed this time but normally i put it on vaped bud and regret it. If only I had some screens...
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  8. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Can I make a suggestion?

    If you travel over to the Vapir website and purchase accesories to the "Vapir Oxygen Mini", they come with the exact tiny micron screen I am using as an example for this method. They are extremley cheap, and work wonders for Kief/Hash vaporization. They are the ones specifially used to Cover the Mouth Piece in the interior.

    I suggest you try these out. I dont know anywhere else to find a tiny micronic screen that is flexable enough to be bent into the wand.

    I also agree with you that mixing Buds with your Kief/Hash is severley regrettable. Quite Frankly, I hate it...
  9. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Hey leon , can you please post some pictures of this method? cheers.
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  10. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    I will do my best at a later date.

    And i do apologize, I just have no Camera at the moment.
  11. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Are you saying you put the kief straight on the screen? Don't you vaporize the THC gummed up in the screen as well though if you do that?

    If my whip is empty and I hit it, I will get a hit of THC vaporizing off of my screen, I would suggest probably vaping out the THC off your screen before doing that.
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  12. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    You mean from the secondary tiny-micron screen?

    If you mean the main screen than yeah you should get a minimal amount of vape.

    My method gives you clouds from tiny bits of hash.
  13. Kushy

    Kushy down

    So you put a micron screen over the regular screen?
  14. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    If you would for a minute, imagine the wand.

    consider the wand to be intact, and a screen put in its natural position.

    for example, picture a SSV wand with screen inserted in the traditional position.

    Next, imagine a filter-mesh. this mesh is of VERY small micron, and is flexible.

    Furthermore, imagine you have bent the small micron screen into a container/cup style form, and insert that cup-like screen into your wand just below the surface opening.

    This is where you input the kief, or oil, or hash (bare in mind its better to vape broken up hash, but not necessary).

    So what you have, is a wand with regular screen, and a cup like small micron screen above the traditional screen only just below the surface opening.

    You have created a bed. The vaped kief will turn (if good quality) into a goo, and become hard. this is why the small micron screen is necessary. It prevents to Goo from leaking downward, but its perfectly capable ot passing air through.

    Thus you have an oil-bed. You remove the oil-bed when finished, and see that your traditional screen is intact, with no gunk, and no powdery residue.
  15. Kushy

    Kushy down

    I see, that's what I thought, thanks for clearing that up. And I always used to just put kief on top of bud and I realized last night your point about the taste. It's nice to just enjoy the spicy and funky tastes you get from concentrates alone.

    So once the kief has been vaped, how do you de-clog the screen?
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  16. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Firstly, take out any powder remains (Inert Material), by folding the screen inside out.

    Suprisingly, most of the THC gunk that seeped between the micron opening should already be vaped out. However, you can give it another hit without the kief, and notice you WILL get yet another hit. After that, its clean.

    I use 3 screens. One for the hose (I dont like material in my hits, one for the wand (traditional), and another one the same as the hose screen for the oil bed.
  17. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up Le0n. One last question, I looked online and Vapir mini screens are ridiculously pricey, like over $10... What if I just used a regular screen or 2 ontop of the original screen. If I use two, even if it seeps through the larger holes of a standard screen, it'll probably just melt onto the next one or something right? The micron screen is just if you want to be a perfectionist, correct?
  18. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Well yes they are pricey, if you consider it to be, however you purchase them only once. I have been using the same screen for quite a long time.

    I would not want to use two regular screens;

    a) You cannot get the same micron openings, ie they are too large and will laow powder to seep through and into your tube, and thus into your hit. In my books that is a No no .

    b) you would be unable to accuratley mould the two screens to fit snugly into the tube to mimic that of the Vapir screen.

    Oily substance (THC) will most certainly seep through regular screens, and for that I would not be using that method. I say this, because I tried it, and was not particularley satisfied.

    The Vapir screen is wonderful for the method. I personally would reccomend them to be the A1 choice for the use of oil beding in a wand.
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