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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by tialex, Sep 13, 2001.

  1. tialex

    tialex Guest

    Hey, I heard that it is possible to make hash oil from the resin in a pipe by leaving it soak for a few hours in isopropyl? Does this work? I've tried it before and when I evaporated the isopropyl with a blow dryer(about 30 minutes), its left what looked like oil but I was already stone when I tried it and wasn't sure if it had an affect.
  2. anti147

    anti147 New Member

    WTF are you doin' boy? you don't need to soak resin. just put resin in a bowl and smoke away
  3. pipe

    pipe Banned


    Whenever I smoke resin, I suddenly see myself as some desperate junky trying to get his precious chemical no matter what, even if it means a disgusting method. Kinda like a cig junkie smoking a cigarette butt for the nicotine.

    Resin tastes bad, smells bad, is full of ash and unhealthy particles, and has very little THC. The 2 or 3 times I've resorted to smoking resin, I've gotten fairly mild highs...but they were overpowered by the disgusting aftertaste in my mouth and the throbbing headache I had. Not worth it. Just wait till you get more bud...if you're seriously so reliant on THC that you'll smoke ash (resin really is just a euphemism employed to hide the revolting-ness of saying "ash"), then you may just have a nasty little phsycological addiction going on. Just my thoughts.
  4. AfRo

    AfRo New Member

    Ash is very much not resin pipe, ash is what you blow out of the bowl after it's cashed. Resin is the stuff that sticks to to the sides and inside your bowl unless you clean it out with alcohol, or boil it, or scrape it a lot.
  5. thrashnor

    thrashnor Guest

    yeah dude, resin is rich in thc, it just sucks to smoke. it's actually the smoke, unadulterated before it even touches your lungs. but yeah, i get headaches offit too...
  6. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    contrary to popular belief, resin is NOT rich in THC. it's basically tar from the smoke left on the sides of your pipe, bong, etc., and has very little thc content. it's definitely not worth the time OR effort involved in extracting it from your smoking utensils. you're waaay better off just buying a joint and smoking that.
  7. JTorch

    JTorch Guest


    ::bounce:: There is no tar made from weed. Just OIL/part smoke/and probably very little ash. Resin IS potent in THC. But the best thing to do with it is to spread over weed. It doubles the high. WTF do you ignorant people that say opposite think is the brown sappy stuff at a roach. Thaz right. Thats why roaches are like an extra joint, aiight. Smoke to the fullest, 1NE.
  8. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    Im agreeing with JTorch.. I always save roaches (covered in resin) and roll second generation joints, I also have smoked rein on several occasions and got quite high. Maybe you's got crappy bud.
  9. BLEW

    BLEW New Member

    Roach tip joints.

    So you get a roach and put it in the tip of a paper and roll a reg joint . Is this what your saying?

    I guess if u did this the roach at the end would double the amount of resin when youve smoked the joint down to a roach.

    But the roach would have an extra layer of paper wouldnt it?

    Well what im trying to say is that u would smoke through the old roach like a tip, or one of those cardboard thingys. So by the time the new joint is a roach, its a double roach?

    I dont know how to explain this?
  10. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    I cut the paper of the roaches, and put all the nice resiny bud into a new paper and roll a joint. I takes a few roaches though especially when you smoke them down to your fingers burning.
  11. BLEW

    BLEW New Member

    Experimenting with TEA

    I bet the resiny bud is pretty good huh!!!

    never done that before but i rolled a joint full of roaches before. It was a little harsh but the things your'll do for a buzz.

    I like to experiment...........im going to make some weed tea this weekend and if it works out ok i might drink it at work.

    Been reading in the Recipe section or food section.....whats that section called again with the recipes?

    Oh well i cant look now it'll erase this.

  12. anti147

    anti147 New Member

    What the **** are you guys talking about? Resin is definatly full of thc. i've gotten quite high from smoking tiny amounts of resin. If you feel like a junkie, well then, you probably are. i don't because, why not smoke it?

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