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  1. lildevilpunk8008

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    ok im not new to smoking or smoking hash. but i never actually bought hash oil although ive smoked it hundereds of times. so the other day i got a gram of oil for 10 bucks i know this is a good deal and believe me when i say this stuff is superb. but since i dont know anyone that has ever actually sold oil i have no idea what it goes for.

    so basically i just want to know what is the average price for a gram of superb hash oil in the southern california area?
  2. lildevilpunk8008

    lildevilpunk8008 New Member

  3. OrangeJuiceandKush

    OrangeJuiceandKush Sr. Member

    It's about 30 bucks for a hook up, up to 70 or 80 per gram if you really have an asshole for a dealer. You got a pretty sweet deal at 10 bucks
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  4. lildevilpunk8008

    lildevilpunk8008 New Member

    holy cow that is expensive i never thought it would be that much.it is pretty freaking bomb though.
  5. toking_gangster

    toking_gangster New Member

    O__O 70-80 for a g? really?

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