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    Hey all, I need a recipe to make good hash oil. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Take an amount of Marijuana that you would like to make hash oil out of, and cut/chop/grind it to a course or fine powder. (the finer the better, it is waaaay easier with a coffee grinder than a pair of scissors though)

    You will need 2 pyrex dishes, one of which needs a lid. A fine mesh screen of some sort, a metal cooking strainer with a fine mesh metal screen is adequate. A metal spoon. For a solvent you can use either 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Grain Alcohol (Ethanol), Denatured Alcohol (Methyl Alcohol), or Acetone.


    Place powdered pot in pyrex dish with lid. Pour solvent over the herb and stir well for several minutes until liquid starts to turn green. Place a lid on the dish loosely and let it sit stirring occasionally. You can let it sit as few as 3 hours or as long as a week, the longer you let it sit the stronger it will be. (NOTE: You may need to add solvent periodically if you plan on letting it sit a long time)

    After the herb is done soaking, strain the solvent through the mesh screen into the second Pyrex dish. Take the soaked herb from the screen and soak it again to get all of the active substances you can. Take the blow dryer AT A DISTANCE from the green solution in dish 2 to speed the evaporation of the solvent. After a while the solvent will evaporate and you will be left with a sticky green substance. This is the hash oil. Enjoy!

  3. GhostPimp

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    i don't know how to make hash oil

    but that stuff rules fo sho

    put some on some papers, sprinkle on some doobage, smoke and enjoy

    gets ya ripped!
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    The way I do it is to crush the green material and put it in a blender with some high octane alcohol (I used isopropyl, but it tasted funny... I'd use everclear or something else similar)
    Pure Ethyl Alcohol if you can get your hands on some.
    Blend it up till its nice and green. Strain it through a couple of coffee filters. Put the green liquid in a pot on the stove, and boil off the alcohol. The brownish blackish goo at the bottom is hash oil.
    S T O N E Y
  5. I used to make my Hash Oil with Ethanol (Grain Alcohol) until I found a way that makes a more potent product. Here's how you do it:

    Grind the Marijuana into a fine powder in a Coffee Grinder. Put in Pyrex bowl, and pour Acetone over it. You should have about 2 or 3 times as much Acetone as ground Marijuana. Let this sit for at least 24 hours, but the longer you let it sit the more potent it will be. If you let it sit for more than a day you will need to add a little Acetone now and then to keep it from evaporating away. Pour the contents of the bowl through a fine mesh METAL screen into another Pyrex bowl. Mesh size should be about that of a screen for your bowl. Make sure the screen has NO plastic on it. Press the pulp in the screen to get any remaining liquid. Use a blow dryer to evaporate the Acetone. Near the end do not point the hair dryer on High right at the Hash Oil. This will degrade the THC into less psychoactive substances such as CBD & CBN.

    You can also use a heating pad or hot water bottle underneath the bowl to evaporate it if you dont feel like evaporating it with a blow dryer for 30 minutes.

    I suggest using a small Pyrex Bowl. This is much easier to work with than a large one.

    Here's a trick I discovered... Once you smoke most of the Hash Oil, the bottom of the bowl is covered with a sticky layer of it. Normally it would be wasted because it is very hard to get it off without solvent. Take your lighter and GENTLY heat the bowl. You can also hold the bowl upside down and let the warm air from the lighter slowly warm the sticky oil itself. After a couple minutes of slow heating, it should be more gooey and less solid. Take your rolling papers and press them onto the layer of goo. Rub your fingers on the back of the papers as if you were trying to stick them to the bottom of the bowl permanently. Very carefully remove your papers and repeat in different spots to cover the whole paper. Roll yourself a joint with this sticky dark green paper and you can get a whole room full of people high all night long.

    Always store Hash Oil in an Opaque Airtight Container. When THC is made into an extract form such as Hash Oil, it breaks down much more readily than if it were still inside the plant. The best way to store it is in your refrigerator or freezer in a covered Pyrex Bowl which is inside of a Freezer Bag. This will preserve it's potency.

  6. Shaman

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    I wouldn't even want to RISK smoking acetone...
  7. You dont smoke the Acetone, you smoke THC extract. You also dont smoke Ethanol when you make extract with it. They are solvents and they both evaporate. The chemicals used to make commercially available Hash Oil are generally Petroleum Ether, Acetone, Butane, and more, but not usually Ethanol because it doesnt make as pure of a product.
  8. CocoaDrinker

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    Potentially stupid question ahead:

    Where exactly is acetone aquired. I have always used everclear, but how do i get acetone?
  9. Nah it's not stupid :)

    You can get it at Wal-Mart or home Depot in the paint section. Make sure you get pure Acetone and not a mix. It should say 100% Pure Acetone. Do not use nail polish remover or any other such thing that contains Acetone, but is not 100%.
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    I'd never smoke anything made from acetone or ethnol (sp) alcohol either ... Yer just asking for trouble there. If not health problems, then turning yerself into a human torch when the acetone blows.

    For that, it's not worth it.
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    a friend told me this easy way :

    make tiny pieces of the hash , and put it in oil in a spoon with some acetone (or whatever u want that u can fire up) . then just light the acetone and it burns up and melts the hash .
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    alright i just obtained some acetone and did exactly what u said. i let it evaporate near my windowsill and now i have that greenish/brown sticky extract. are u positive it is smokeable? if i smoke it i don't wanna kill myself here haha. someone told me that acetone leaves all kinds of nasty things in it and i want to make sure that all harmful chemicals are evaporated before. lemme know. thanx:)
  13. no one ever mentioned the amount of pot to use.. this post has gotten me to want to try and make some hash oil so if anyone could tell me how much bud you should use to make a good amount of hash oil please tell me it will be greatly appreciated :)
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    couple questions?

    I have a couple of questions here:
    Would it be worth it to make the hash oil with 1/8....1/4?
    Does anyone have a rough estimate about how much oil youd get from 1/4?
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    Mr. T, I merged this with another thread which was on the SAME page as yours. Try a search next time, hope the information helps.
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    I did do a search, and i didn't find any relevant responses. Where is this thread you merged?
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    See all the posts above? Those are from the old thread... if you scrolled down before you posted, you would have seen the previous hash oil thread. Don't worry about it, just try to look next time :)
  18. I thought you were suppose to make the resin oil out of the leaves, not the bud. It would be much stronger if it was made with bud, but I am going to smoke my bud. Let me know if this can be done with the leaves or if it has to be done with bud.
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    It's alot easier if one grows their own, they could put the leaves in the mix along with some bud, it's a good methood of recycling the "waste" plant matter. ooooo how I wish I grew my own.....
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    I've always used food grade acetone, or at least something that came from a pharmacy. I work at a pharmacy, though, and we don't usually carry pure acetone. But most places can do special orders for customers.

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