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  1. Love4TheNugg

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    Hello All,

    Today I have a serious question...

    So the other day I'm chilling with my long-time (10 years) friend/dealer and his girlfriend, we're talking about Hash and all that jazz...

    When he brings up this stuff that is supposedly hash with opium (yes, that Opium, like Heroin) mixed in that he will be getting in the somewhat near future. Apparently it's like nothing else, very expensive, hard to find, and knocks you on your ass.

    He asks me if I'm interested. Not so much interested, just curious. I ask, "Opium is like Heroin man, can't you OD on that stuff?"

    He shrugs and says, "I don't know".

    He says it's not the same as Heroin, supposedly he was saying it is the "Sap" that comes from the poppy seeds, "That's it, just the sap, totally not Heroin."

    Keep in mind my buddy is very experienced in drugs, but some of his information is lacking, he's way too scared to do LSD because he thinks he "won't come back", yet he'll totally smoke Opium. :rolleyes:

    In my mind it sounds kinda dangerous, I don't really fuck around with the hard stuff.

    Anyways, was wondering if anyone has heard of this?
  2. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Where I live people will pay extra money to get their joint laced with opium. Ive seen one of my buddys roll up a few of those joints so he could sell em and the opium was like a reddish brown powder. It didn't look like heroin (never seen it irl, but Ive seen pictures).
  3. Nuclear666

    Nuclear666 Banned

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  4. Quantum

    Quantum New Member

    I could see how Hashish and Opium would go together as they almost have the same consistency and texture, there for producing an equal burn.

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  5. mallitia95

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  6. I'mwithweed

    I'mwithweed New Member

    I could see it being harmless, but I wouldn't try it.
  7. new2twistinup

    new2twistinup One with the Universe.

    Opium is not as bad as heroin however it is still very addictive

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  10. High

    High as a kite

    I think more than likely he is just mixing Lettuce Opium extract with the hash.
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  11. #BuD

    #BuD New Member

    I wouldn't smoke opium. Opium is some what like heroine it's very addictive.

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  12. Miketheman420

    Miketheman420 New Member

    Sounds kinda sketchy
  13. Karigrandi

    Karigrandi Active Member

    It is very hard to get clear info on opium dipped hash.
    I talked to a pot loving exchange student from Nepal, where both weed and opium are widely available. He said that opium dipped hash was really rare tho, mainly for the reason of being a "waste of opium" (the required temp. for burning hash would destroy a lot of opium alkaloids, giving you less bang for the buck.)
    However if one would smoke opium laced hash, the best way would be hot knife it and chase the dragon.

    In terms of overdosing, smoking opium laced hash would be pretty safe, as the amount of opium is very small and the delivery to your system (smoke) is nothing compared to oral ingestion or IV. (I've heard one would pass out before he could even get close to OD when smoking opium.)
    Overdosing is an issue among opium smokers with high opium tolerance.

    The real danger of opium dipped hash is the addiction. Smoking it might feel like the first time you tried weed and will probably give you a "high of your life", but can you handle it? What if you start craving for more opium? How will it affect your love of the herb if you can never reach that same high that you got that one time with opiated hash?
    Think it through carefully, its different league than the one with weed, lsd and shrooms.

    PS. The Nepalese dude told that first times might make you nauseous.
  14. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Before your friend mixes opium and hash he should find out where it comes from. Opium is to heroin like shake is to hash oil. Same root product, but way different potency.

    Given the cost of either product I can't imagine anyone mixing the two together for retail consumption.
    It can be kneaded into cleaned pot and rolled or smoked in a joint. Very relaxing.
  15. rocky400

    rocky400 New Member

    You would probably be fine but really stick with the bud don't touch any of those drugs. Be safe theres no point to try something else when you have bud... Get high from the tree man.

    Stay high :D
  16. ammoniac

    ammoniac New Member

    Hello guys i'm a newcomer here and found this forum by looking for this subject.

    I happen to live in a country where opium and opioids are Very present. And it also happens authorities can test u anytime. Friends of mine have been tested and were positive for thc and opioids, which if happened in police premises would have caused them (very) serious troubles. You see testing thc positive may get you in for a couple months in conditions yu wuldnt imagine, but testing opiates positive will give you hell, and you need alooooooot of money to get your ass out.

    Quantitative tests were carried, and showed opiates to be present in traces, but thc in very honorable quantities. It is known that we produce one of the best haschich in the world, but illegality of this plant made it very scarcely available. Export demand and a couple other factors made it near impossible to find good quality in our own country, and most is now cut, and some are apparently using opium to boost the high.

    I do not mind it being on the market as long as it is sold as such, and not as regulas cannabis. I think it may have a medicinal value as such, for specific purpose. And i want to clarify that opium is not to heroin what shake is to hash oil, a different scale of potencies. This would be pure morphine, an alkaloid present in the poppy, that u extract from the latex of the plant (this latex is the opium). To obtain heroin, you take morphine, you CHEMICALLY modify it, by a methylation, and then you get heroin, a substance that can and will destry you.

    Anyway, i am not in favor of opiates at all, especially when people are not aware that they are taking them. Because they may get in trouble they are not accountable for. Because opiates will build dependance and tolerance on the account of a marvelous herb. And because my main problem with drugs is unreliabilty of black markets. But besides all this (and i am really sorry if i offend any forum rule by stating this) i consider it to be a right to treat yourself with a plant. And poppy is a plant. Millions of patients are treated with morphine every year. And often it can lead to serious addictions, If used repeatedly. I would like to point that a synergy between the pain relieving properties of the two compounds may exist, which can only be proven through serious clinical research. If so, morphine use can be reduced for all these patients with a considerable amelioration in their lives.

    I am not a drug-head, i am a scientist. But i am against the war on drugs. It made too many victims (the western world has no idea what repression is), and drugs like heroin hurt too many people. In my opinion all drugs should be available in pharmacies through prescription, and people have to be educated enough to be responsible. The role of the governments should be education not repression. But that's way too idealistic.

    Sorry if i offended any opinion, broke any forum rule or anthg, but as a scientist my duty is to say whatever i know and expose my opinion as such.

    Peace and love for all.
  17. spritezero

    spritezero New Member

    I've smoked bud mixed with opium before. It gave me a very strong high and it was very enjoyable.

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