Hash Yogurt!

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Barker, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    You will need:

    Enough hash for a couple of spliffs.
    One yogurt of your choice ( Muller Light seems to work best)
    Vegetable or olive oil
    A large spoon
    A lighter
    A very comfy chair


    Crumble the hash/bud into your large spoon.
    Cover with oil
    Gently heat the underside of the spoon for a few minutes, taking care not to boil the oil .

    Stir into your yogurt and eat.

    {Gonna try this for the first time tonight, ive ate hash before but this is gonna be one hell of a night....I'll post how it went tomorrow}

  2. rebot

    rebot New Member

    yeah! let me know how that goes! sounds fun!
  3. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    .....forgot about this thread!


    Anyways i took the hash yogurt at about 8:30 on that night it kicked in about an hour later and i was really enjoying my high everything had a certain tint to it....I was also watching "pirates of the caribbean" and was having weird intense thoughts on being pirate.....

    all in all its something im gonna do again..

    :D :D
  4. BrownFrown

    BrownFrown New Member

  5. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    what was the point in that?

    care to elaborate?

  6. ACiD RaiN

    ACiD RaiN New Member


    Well im about to try it.. i got some La yogurt. a dime bag and some berrio olive oil. i heated it till i noticed that i think i over heated it noticing little air bubbles comming up so i stopped. i mixed it in and im letting it sit for a couple of moments so that the
    thc gets very well mixed in. oh yeah dont forget to stir! it will help mix around the thc. Well bottoms up! ill let ya kno how everything goes. ps i got stoned 3 times alrady today so i dont kno if i will feel the effects.
  7. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    well??was it good?

    .......or did you get too stoned and fell off the edge of the planet?

  8. ACiD RaiN

    ACiD RaiN New Member


    well.. as far as i remember its not worth it. i just had the flu and i couldnt get up. make sure u guys egt the flu shot. ok now about the hash yogurt. i prolly used about a gram of weed. and i didnt feel ne effects. but i was watching tv. and everything seemed so funny. like i was watching rosanne.. but i didnt feel high. just normal.

    just smoke it.
  9. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    it worked for me and my friends....but yeah just stick to smoking it:chokin: :chokin:

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