Have anyone Smoked Pot in China?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by PoweredByPot, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. PoweredByPot

    PoweredByPot New Member

    Im taking a trip to China for a month or so and I'm just curious if anyone on form smoked pot in china before.
  2. Whys

    Whys New Member

    Want to spend the next 20 years in one of the worlds worst prisons? Asia isn't the west. Their drug policies are draconian and unforgiving. Just enjoy the regular tourism. You'll appreciate that first toke all that much more when you get back.
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  3. TheRealTupac

    TheRealTupac New Member

    To right man don't smoke in another country unless its me back yard (uk) or america :p
  4. MerzA

    MerzA New Member

    Rural or Urban China?

    And wouldn't China be more leniant with their huge opium and heroin production?
  5. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    What Whys said. Good advice!
  6. Don Newman

    Don Newman New Member

    Even if their laws are strict, im sure you could get out of any trouble if you travel with good Mr. Benjamin. But seriously, i wouldnt risk it. Id advise that if you want to alter your perception of reality, then indulge in some alcohol.
  7. MemphisBBQ

    MemphisBBQ Sr. Member

    "Death penalty is exercised regularly for drug offenses under Chinese law, often in an annual frenzy corresponding to the United Nations' International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug trafficking[72] The government does not make precise records public, however Amnesty International estimates that around 500 people are executed there each year for drug offenses. Those executed have typically been convicted of smuggling or trafficking in anything from cannabis to methamphetamine."

    Legality of cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They would probably just throw you in a jail for a long ass time if it was for personal use. Looks you won't be experiencing China in Hi Def :D:D
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    What gave you the idea that China produces a lot of opium and heroin? The Chinese government has a zero tolerance policy for all illegal drugs. A possession charge carries a minimum 7 year sentence. Hundreds of people are executed every year for drug crimes such as smuggling and trafficking.

    China is one of the last places you want to break any law. You would have none of the constitutional protections that you would have in the US.

    BREEBREE New Member

    Wow, china doesn't fuck around.
  10. PoweredByPot

    PoweredByPot New Member

    I guess no one can smoked in china and made it out alive LOL!

    The statistics sounds very scary at first, but considering 500 out of 1.xbillion.... ^^, but the punishment is wayyyyy too harsh. If i do toke in china, i will get a picture and post here. I trust ppl here won't report me to chinese DEA.
  11. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    haha I went to china last year and I found a shit load of hash, it was good shit aswell and cheaper than Australia. I couldn't find any weed but I did get a couple grams of hash.

    There is weed if you look hard enough. Oh yeah, always smoke in doors aswell, and carry it as least as possible on the streets, even if your a tourist cops tend to stay away from you but will not hesitate to arrest you.
  12. Whys

    Whys New Member

    Funny thing about low odds... doesn't mean a damn if you're that one.

    Sure, you can always make the argument that you have the same odds of getting struck by lightening, but honestly, is it the same thing? I'd rather be hit by lightening. At least it wouldn't be my own stupidity.

    Of course, I've done my own share of stupid things. Guess I've just been lucky.
  13. PoweredByPot

    PoweredByPot New Member

    LOL where did you go to find your harsh? IM guessing clubs ?
  14. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    It's strange that China and other parts of Asia are so down on herb when many researchers agree that Asia is where Cannabis originated.
  15. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    We still have those in America? Granted America is nothing like China, but it seems we are losing more rights everyday.

    I don't know that I would try and toke up in China if there was any possibility of being put in their prisons. I would imagine being locked up in a foreign prison would be absolutely horrible.
  16. forty2

    forty2 New Member

    No offense bro thats a very bad idea. From experience i have learned that most Asian countries are biased towards all foreigners (black white w.e) If your not from their your an outsider and they wont let you forget it. Also China regulates their internet to the max and I wouldn't put it past em to track your internet usage. Watch the show banged up abroad it shows what happens to people who are caught with drugs (albeit they are smuggling)
  17. Whys

    Whys New Member

    What would keep them from taking your money and still tossing your ass in jail? You expect someone who would take a bribe to be honorable? What would be your defense in court? "This is wrong! I bribed him fair and square!" :rolleyes:

    PoweredByPot, I think we've given you about all the arguments against and it looks like you've made your choice. It is your choice to make, so I wish you a fun and safe trip. Asia is an incredible place to visit.
  18. PoweredByPot

    PoweredByPot New Member

    alright I'm china right now and yes i can find pot.. and is really cheap. 20 dollars can get you enought pot to smoke til you puke. have toke once yet, but got wasted every night since dec 24. lmao.
  19. A2hempchild

    A2hempchild New Member

    I do believe that China (and all of Asia really) is so down on drugs right now because of the horrible problems in the past with opium. Surprisingly opium was not something the chinese government wanted, the british brought it in to the country so that China would be easier to colonize (if everyone is doped out on opium not too hard to take over a country.) Because of racist stereotypes and such China has gotten an image of an opium den being a regular thing.

    China is the last place on earth I would want to smoke (well maybe north korea.) It really isn't worth it, you can get booze for practically nothing. Just enjoy the chinese culture sober, trust me it is still very fun.

    ps i remember reading the information i posted in the first part of my post somewhere, but couldn't find the source. So don't quote me on it and please correct me if i'm wrong
  20. Balabeezy

    Balabeezy Sr. Member

    Do not forget Canada

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