Have I been ripped off?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Acula, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Acula

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    So I'm pretty new to weed, starting smoking last month, and today I went to buy it from a local dealer for the first time
    First we agreed on 5 grams for a really cheap price of just €27/$31 (1g costs around €7 here), but we had to settle on what he claims is 4g for €21. I say that because the whole thing looks like 2g at max, but he claims "while it is small, it's pretty dense"

    So i ask you, does this look like 4g of weed? I don't have a scale so i can't really tell. It's pretty dry and darkish green, so i dunno about the quality either..

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  2. ßü††|맧

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    Generally, if you need to ask that question you have been short changed.
    Having looked at the picture I can confirm that you have been hosed.
  3. buzzmobile

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    Your dealer has a scale. Next time have him weigh it in front of you.
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  4. who-dat

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    You can get a good electronic scale on the internet for under $10 (or whateverthefuck that is in your currency)
  5. ßü††|맧

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    And if he is insulted by that you don't wanna buy from him.
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  6. who-dat

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    And remember, the guy you are getting it from is probably stoned, soooo

    And if he isn't find someone else.
    "All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes" ~Townsend
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