have to have my thc level down

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bdizzle, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. bdizzle

    bdizzle New Member

    my parents test me once a week and i got caught with a very high THC level in my piss 97/100. I stayed clean for 2 weeks and got it down to 80/100. I smoked the past two days cause i coudlnt take it. My friend recommended two charcoal pills for two days before i test. and to get lots of exercise and water. i need to be under 80/100 for my test. what do i do? if i dont have my level lower than 80 im ****en screwed.

  2. brooklynyte

    brooklynyte New Member

    As a moderator would say:

    We do not give adviceto underaged members, or something like that, charcoal pills wont help either.
  3. d4rk3

    d4rk3 New Member

    dude that sucks that you only lost 17 ng/ml of THC in 2 weeks...in 2 weeks my metabolism cleaned out over a year (give or take maybe 3 weeks without total, not at once either, 3 days here 5 days here, etc.) of everyday smoking to a 19! good luck man that sucks, your metabolism must be about as fast as old people on the highway :rolleyes:
  4. Dazed.Confused

    Dazed.Confused New Member

    i guess that it is a good thing that you aren't a moderator. The whole reason these forums are open, is to help people, just cause he lives with his parents doesn't necessarily mean that he is underage.
  5. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    It doesn't matter if he is underage or not. We here at CheapTalk do not help minor (or adults) decieve there parents. Read the posting guidelines...

    Big Dre
  6. bdizzle

    bdizzle New Member

    but its ok to decieve everybody else? weed is weed man. thanks alot for nothing.
  7. d4rk3

    d4rk3 New Member

    lol i hate to be a smart ass but that cracks me up too. hey rules are rules, gotta follow them, but can't decieve parents as compared to......oh i dunno.........the government/employment agencies...........no difference.......................lol sorry just cracks me up..........i'll shut up now :devil:
  8. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead

    NO, its KNOWINGLY assist MINORS decieving parents- that we dont do. We dont need some zealous parent gunning for us and giving us unwanted attention for interfering with their relationship with little Johnny--PLus, many of us are parents and we respect a parent/minor child realtionship. All the information that a person needs to pass a test is right here on the boards for you reading and research pleasure. Its not like we are banning minors. If they have a reasonable head on their shoulders, they will do fine.

    If you are an adult and your parents are forcing you to drug test, you got bigger problems than passing a test.

    Not only that but I think this guy's parents are messing with his head-- there is no drug test that has N/100 results reported. Its either pass/fail with a home test or nanongrams per liter on a GC/MS test at a lab--

    As far as deciving an employer or the govt. I see a big difference. IF you are an adult and responsible for yourself we'll asisst in decieving the govt in what we consider unjust laws-- but we respect that a parent is ultimately responsible for a minor and we will not KNOWINGLY interfere with that relationship.
  9. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

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