Have you seen this bong?

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by bingochips19, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. bingochips19

    bingochips19 New Member

    Hey all, I just watched RockNRolla for about the thousandth time, and after oogling the bong that toby kebbell rips during the opening credits for about the thousandth time, I wondered where I coudl get one.

    here it is:

    Does anyone know if it's a commercially available bong?

    Also, as more of a side-note, does anyone know where that revolver lighter would be available?
  2. Flock_of_Crows

    Flock_of_Crows New Member

    sorry :( i have not, but on a similar topic, has anyone seen the bong from the new friday the thirteenth??!!
  3. bingochips19

    bingochips19 New Member

    here's a decent quality video of the bong in question...enjoy
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWhVKuWTBEo]YouTube - RocknRolla Intro[/ame]
  4. Jobes

    Jobes New Member

    All i know is that they had wayy to much water in that bong. looks pretty sweet though.
  5. HyDrO2110

    HyDrO2110 New Member

  6. bingochips19

    bingochips19 New Member

  7. bingochips19

    bingochips19 New Member

  8. HyDrO2110

    HyDrO2110 New Member

    lol. i just randomly came across it hahaha let me know how its hits. its looks real nice for 100 bucks.
  9. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    I have a zong bong almost just like that...You have to filll these bastards up with water or else it's too much smoke... Putting ice cubes in the neck helps cool the smoke to make it less harsh....

    I got mine for like 75-80 bucks online, btw...The bowl that came with it sucked, it kepr way too much stale smoke in there and made you cough everytime..We replaced the bowl, with a regular slider, and now it hits like a champ....
  10. Felty

    Felty New Member

    Iv wanted the gun lighter for ages, but all I can find is gas powered blue flame ones. not just a single flame

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