having inspiration while stoned how possible and if possible any scientific evidence

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can weed bring inspiration

  1. damn right it does

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  2. u can only be truly inspired on a clear sober mind

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  3. a false belief of inspiration is possible but no

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  4. sure u get inspired but forget the inspiration quickly

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  5. never, only fantasys or daydreams are possible

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  6. depends on how much u consume it could be possible

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  1. damiantapa

    damiantapa New Member

    ive had inspiration while stoned and also while sober so i cant really tell if it was the weed or not but i know a lot of inspired people who used weed but i dont also know if it was the weed or not.
  2. fuzzyglock

    fuzzyglock New Member

    i find that weed doesn't inspire me... but it does help the ideas flow a little better, i like to smoke before i draw and such :D
  3. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    It is definitely the weed. I can some, well what seem to be, groundbreaking theories and just crazy shit that I bring up that keeps my boys and I pondering forever.
  4. SimpleGreen

    SimpleGreen **********

    I know what you mean. I always have these crazy awesome ideas when I'm high, but I have to remember them so I can ask my sober self if they're actually as cool as I thought they were.
  5. Daddyo

    Daddyo New Member

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    Since inspiration and weed`s effects are completely seperate issues, I must say that weed may provoke some into being inspired due to weed`s ability to heighten many people`s awareness, but the difficulty involved with inspiration under the influence of marijuana is carrying the will to act upon it after your high. To be truly inspired, one must also have motivation to act in order to turn inspiration into reality.

    When John Fitzgerald Kennedy challenged US to ask what we can do for our country, and called upon US to put a man on the surface of the Moon, he inspired enough of US to see these inspirations come true. But for me, marijuana induced inspirations have almost always been brain farts of very short duration. I reached a point in my life a long, long time ago wherein I enjoy sobriety as much as being high; keeping one balanced against the other has lead me to conclude that inspiration is not dependent on any substance. To this very day, I believe our most important inspirations in life are almost universally aquired in our youth; they will provoke us to become or obtain in our adulthood.

    For anyone interested in pursuing true inspiration(giggle) from Ganja, here`s a link Church Structure / Affiliation
  6. When I draw sober, my drawings are always of something, or have some sort of thought to it. When I draw stoned, my drawings seem to flow more and have things in them, just because.

    Weed isnt inspiring, it just may bring out a different side of you, creative or otherwise.;)
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    When I get baked I dunno can just see an idea come together in my head and picture it all happening and how - always a perfect world though
  8. MMJNoob

    MMJNoob New Member

    I don't have any science and am too lazy atm to even wiki some up. I notice it shifts me into a more 'right-brained' mode. I certainly 'think out of the box.'

    That's why I like to jot down ideas in a text document or notebook.. text documents. Remembering and finding them later is the problem. I have so many notes in so many disorganized places. I fail at filing when I'm medicated. I win at creativity though.
  9. jgizzzle

    jgizzzle New Member

    ive found that i very often when im sitting outside high i become more in touch with everything. everything just makes sense. its not like im inspired to go save the animals or go do something but i feel very comfortable with everything. so yes mj def. inspires you atleast on some emotional level.

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