Having Marijuana in a car?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Jewlien, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Okay, so I basically have a question about possessing marijuana in a vehicle. I'm an 18 year old Prop 215 CA medical marijuana patient and the other day a cop pulled me over. Prior to this, I was hot boxing my car with some friends. Then we chilled at his house for a few hours and drove back to my house. While driving back to my house, a cop pulled me over. She said my tags were expired (even though i have 2013 tags...she just randomly looked up my license plate # and the DMV did not have my new registration in their system), but in actuality my registration was up to date. The car reaked and she said, "Who has marijuana?" and I was like I do. I also showed her I was a prop 215 patient, but then she accused me of hotboxing my car and driving high. She accused me multiple times but I adamantly replied that I had not been operating a vehicle under he influence of marijuana. She also criticized my illness asking me questions or denounced my means of taking medical marijuana. As I talked to her, two more police cars pulled up which kinda scared me a bit. However, she let me off and gave my friends and I a 30min lecture but mostly just talking to me.

    What really bothered me was the way she treated me. In other words she was a real b*tch. When she walked up to the window, I said, "What's up Officer?" She instantly replied with " I'm not your homie don't say what's up to me". At one point she even asked me to show her my marijuana. I was docile and obedient and went to grab it for her and then she randomly screamed right in my ear and told me to put my hands on the wheel and not to make any sudden movements unless I want a gun to my head. Scared sh*tless, I complied and she further explained that I could have grabbed a weapon and killed her or something. It makes sense, but it seems illogical to ask someone to grab something and then when I grab it have her threaten to put a gun up to my head. So essentially, she was very condescending, threatening and just plain rude to me the entire time. Do I have any legal authority for her not treat me in this way? Because as far as I know, possessing cannabis in your car isn't illegal. I mean I work in a facility where if we don't treat the patrons with respect then you get complaints against you and in the end get fired. As far as I know, police have no such standard. Technically, I was found in my car which reaked of marijuana with less than a gram of marijuana. Not to mention it is legal for me to possess marijuana.
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    Fuckin hate cops they abuse their power and think their tough because they have a badge and can arrest you. Even if your in compliance with the law they always try and bust you on anything. Bs

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