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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by jebus, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    lately i have been gettin head rushes almost everytime i stand up from sitting on the couch or whatever. they seem to have started since ive been smoking more weed. It has been pretty damned hot lately 35-40 celcius and it seems like its only when its hot could it be a combo of the weed and heat or just one or the other? any advice would help i dont wanna wreck a table again lmao
  2. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    The head rush you're describing is a result of change in blood pressure.

    When you're sitting, your blood pressure increases. When you stand up, it decreases. If you stand up quickly, you might experience what you mentioned -- a head rush.
  3. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    ic, ive had them before but they just seems to be more frequent im pretty sure its from the heat cause ive smoked lots before and it didnt happen!
  4. Devio

    Devio Banned

    Dude i know what your talking about, there was a period of time while i was smoking where EVERYTIME i stood up id get a head rush. But those days passed so i dunno. Try standing up slowly/gradually.
  5. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    it seems to only happen when im sober sot hats good:D
  6. woshbosh

    woshbosh New Member

    i got the same problem man, it's only started since i started smoking weed too, it's weird. it's kinda worrying, but whatever, if u sit down and let it pass i guess it's not so bad
  7. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    lol the worst one so far was a few days ago i stood up to go get sum food and it hit and i pretty much blaked out temporarily and i crashed into the dining room table pushin it 1-2 feet back lol its damaged now too. it was a preety cool feeling though
  8. woshbosh

    woshbosh New Member

    yeah it is kind of a cool feeling actually, especially when it happens while ur stoned, it really makes you feel a lot higher lol
  9. tychristine420

    tychristine420 New Member

    when ever i get those, i get an unbelivable buzz lift! it makes me retarded for like 1-2 minutes and then im still way higher for a while...it kind of reminds me of the high you get after you do a **** **'*. :rolleyes:

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