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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by smokeit7677, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. smokeit7677

    smokeit7677 New Member

    Went to my local headshops 2 diff ones one of them had some stuff called folli-kleen and they say that this works and the other one had one called All Clear and they said that i worked was wondering if anyone has heard of either one of these products was looking to get zydot but its not carried at either one would like to trust them that what they have works but u never know thanks for any input i can get:flush:
  2. trixtreats

    trixtreats New Member

    Folli Clean is just a temporary solution. It says on a bunch of websites that "it starts working in 10 minutes and effective up to 8 hours." Also, it states...
    • Since the hair is constantly growing and absorbing toxins, results will not last for more than 8 hours - TIME IT CAREFULLY!
    • Avoid all unwanted toxins for 24-48 hours prior to using Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser. (The longer the better!)
    So, in my opinion, it's not worth the price tag unless you plan on using it right before your test. (Also, you need to buy the shampoo, which is not included with the Folli Clean solution. So, it'll cost more money in the end.)

    Concerning All Clear, I found this bit of information: "
    Once this two-part process is completed your hair is clean for up to five hours." So, again, in my opinion it's not worth getting unless you plan on using it right before your test.

    Browse through this site to get more tips. Personally I've heard great things about ToxinWash, Zydot, and Omni by browsing through old threads here.

    (PS: If you do a simple search on Google for the two you were asking about, you could have found out all of the information I showed you above. So, yeah, do you own search first next time.)
  3. smokeit7677

    smokeit7677 New Member

    i did look but i was trying to see if anyone on here has taken it and passed with either on of them
  4. undermisensi

    undermisensi New Member

    So. I applied for a lifeguard position at a casino here in vegas (ALL CASINOS DRUG TEST), and confidently, i bought Purity Inc. AllClear detoxifying shampoo & gel kit. before detoxing my hair, i even soaked it in white wine vinegar so my hair shafts would open and the detox could penetrate deeper...THIS DETOX SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I FAILED THE DRUG TEST!!! if your a daily toker like me, and you are about to get your hair tested.. your fucked! i would suggest using any other type of detox, or if you have 1-3 months notice in advance, STOP SMOKING. there truley is no hope for any innocent potheads out there looking for a decent job. :(
  5. undermisensi

    undermisensi New Member

    anyone wondering, read my post above
  6. randompolygamy

    randompolygamy New Member

    Posts like this are ignorant and not needed. specificly about you saying
    you should do research on something befor you go about saying there is no hope. a gal just posted her detox method with 6 days clean in the results section of this board.

    It requires bleaching your hair and pretty much killing it. there is a chance that some detox shampoos work.

    Foliclean is also offered, and with the shampoo i belive that it is somewhat effective but i know people who have passed and failed on it.

    Also, More than likly with the shampoos the highest failure rate is because of lack of reading directions and following them to the T.

    How about answering a question instead of using vulgarities and giving your opinion. a simple No, All Clear did not work with me. would have been sufficient.

    A good friend of mine owns a head shop. And he carries Foliclean and Test Pure. Andone know anything about testpure? he swears by it but im not too sure
  7. undermisensi

    undermisensi New Member

    one: i am not ignorant
    two: i was informing people by my experience, that Purity Inc.: AllClear, did not work for me. not any other detox. those other products were not available for me, allclear was. now, dont you think that if you had a drug test for an important job and you wanted to know if a specific product (allclear) is going to work 100%, that this post was useful?
    three: i have my own right to my own opinion anytime, whenever i ever want. this is just a forum!
    and lastly, im sure if you failed a stupid drug test for a very important job, when it's impossible to find a job in this shitty economy anyways, then im sure you would use "vulgarities" to express your anger. :mad2:
  8. randompolygamy

    randompolygamy New Member

    This post was much more informative than your vulgar post above.

    On top of that, it is understandable but not at all necessary. but point taken. you have your right to your own opinion.

    what kind of build are u how much do you smoke and how much cleant ime did you have?

    All of these things take in a factor.
  9. FunnyStoned

    FunnyStoned New Member

    A strong swimmers shampoo and a baking soda treatment work as well.

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