healthiest & most efficient way to smoke buddha?

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  1. rsd

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    topic pretty much says it all. what's the healthiest way to smoke? what's the most efficient way to smoke? seems like useful information for when i have a lot of weed (healthy) and when i'm short on money (efficiency.) I was thinking a bubbler of some sort for question 1, and a joint for question 2. any input?

  2. cyryllis

    cyryllis New Member

    vapourizers are the healthiest way to use marijuana, but you only get the thc

    bongs I find are the most efficient way to use weed, cause it hits you faster and harder than anything else and doesnt eat up a lot of weed. Plus its filtered making it healthier than joints and dry pipes.

    I only smoke joints when I have a lot of low quality weed that I dont mind wasting, or when I want to smoke in public (which I dont really recommend, but it depends on where you live I guess). Joints waste an incredible amount of weed and dont get you nearly as high as a pipe or bong.

    Hope that helped
  3. reefermadness1

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    I'm going to have to agree with the above.

    Without a doubt in my mind, bongs and bubblers are easily the most efficient way to smoke. You get ripped faster, you end up not using as much as for a regular pipe/joint/blunt, and you save weed. Bongs and bubblers have also long been believed to be the most healthy way to smoke until vaporizers got big. Blunts are more efficient than joints, but neither can match a pipe, and pipes are slightly less efficient than bongs.

    As far as the healthiest way to enjoy this special herb, it would either be vaporizing, or eating/drinking it. Vaporizing is actually pretty efficient in itself because you need less weed to feel it, but the high is much different, less intense, and not preferred... Eating or drinking probably uses the most weed out of all methods, but there's no lung damage and the high comes on slower and lasts much longer.

    So yeah, if you haven't already, invest in a NICE bong or bubbler for when you're low. Keep in mind not all glass is equal, a more expensive bong, while better aesthetically, will usually also be smoother and more efficient. **** like double / triple perks, ash catchers, thicker glass, glass on glass design, ice catchers, larger capacity for water and all of that will improve the overall effect.

    Smoke one for me,
  4. Chronic Smoker

    Chronic Smoker New Member

    I'd say...

    The healthiest way to smoke in my opinion is to use a water bong or bubbler(haven't tried yet but heard great things). Most efficient way id say is to smoke out of a pipe or bong.

    **Maybe a vaporizer but i heard its not as good as the hype.**

  5. nickpdx

    nickpdx New Member

    Healthiest - Vaporizer/Eating, healthiest while still smoking - bubbler/bong

    most efficient - bong
  6. NeoArcadian

    NeoArcadian New Member

    In order of healthiest method of using it it kind of goes like this...

    Healthiest to least healthy...

    1. Eatting/Drinking

    2. Vaporizing

    3. Smoking from a bong filled with water and ice so that the smoke doesn't burn your lungs eve if just barely

    4. Smoking it out of a bong filled with water

    5. Smoking it out of a bong filled with ice

    6. Smoking it out of a glass pipe

    7. Smoking it out of a metal pipe, even though there isn't much difference if at all with a glass one

    8. Smoking marijuana in paper/ a joint

    9. Smoking a blunt made from tobacco leaves

    and 10. Smoking marijuana out of a crack pipe

    Either way, number ten is a definite no-no.

    I prefer number 3. Just seems better that way. :cool:
  7. joeldatroll

    joeldatroll New Member

    As good as water bongs are, the most efficient way to smoke marijuana by far is a gravity bong. If you do it properly you get ripped off the tiniest bit of grass.
  8. OneKindBuddha

    OneKindBuddha New Member

    What Is the Most Efficient Possible Use Of Bud?

    What is the most efficient use of bud?

    If you have for instance 7 grams of high mids, what is the most efficient possible use of the THC in and on those buds/stems/seeds? I know the seeds have pretty much zero THC, but what is the most efficient and economical use of those buds/stems? Grinding it all up and vaping it? Or grinding it all and cooking it in cannabudder? Or baking it all into brownies or making leary biscuits or making firecrackers or simmering it with milk and making chai tea or smoking it in a bowl or using a bong or what? What is the best way to make a 1/4 last the longest? Also, does anyone know the percentage THC that is utilized during smoking, vaping, and cooking? I'd love a link to a ranking of methods' efficiency. I know many others would like to know how to stretch their "green" as far as possible, for some reason us tokers aren't consistantly:eek: rich conservatives:confused:


    The Kind Buddha
  9. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Vaping is most efficient. Joints are number two.
  10. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    I would have to say cooking is most efficient, considering you are wasting ZERO of the THC...

    But then again you have to take in more to feel the affect, so it's a lil tricky that way...
  11. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    Pipes and bongs are more efficent then joints and blunts ANY DAY.

    Vapping is more efficent then pipes and bongs, and if you have enough, cooking is more efficent then a vap (though baking usually requires more thena quarter)
  12. imported_SBsurferdude

    imported_SBsurferdude Surfing Fiend

    personally a nice glass bong will get me the highest with the least amount of weed. there might be more effeciant ways of using all of the thc but bongs will ussually get you the highest.
  13. PurpleCorn

    PurpleCorn New Member

    There is no efficient way to use the stems. Throw them out. The seeds ARE usable and the best way to get the most out of your seeds is to grow them.

    While you wait for your seeds to grow, you have several highly efficient ways you can smoke. I shall list them in order from easiest to hardest.

    Waterfalls/Gravity Bongs: Perhaps the most efficient way to smoke using old fashioned flame. Still, you're only getting about 40 percent THC out of your weed. It's slightly better than the 35 percent you'd get smoking out of a bong, though.

    Vaporizer: Possibly the most efficient way to smok- err...vapor. Not technically smoking. Basically you're inhaling pure THC vapor. A good vaporizer will get upwards of 85 percent THC out of your bud.

    Smokeless Marijuana: Now you're not even smoking anymore, but this is, from what I know, the absolute most efficient way to ingest THC. period. Basically, you extract all the THC in your weed and encapsulate it, to be taken whenever you wish. I believe this method captures 100 percent of the THC.

    To get detailed information on how to use all of these methods, I refer you to
  14. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    I make suppositories out of all my nugz and take them anally. This method yields 80% of THC, not to mention it feels great!

    EDIT: By the way, if you are a pussy and use lube for the suppositories than you only get 60% yield so cowboy the fuck up!
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  15. imported_SBsurferdude

    imported_SBsurferdude Surfing Fiend

    HAHAHAHAHA good one :)
  16. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    No. No. That's a BAAAAD pothead. Bad. *smacks with rolled up newspaper*. Put all your stems and seeds in a seperate bag and forget about them for a while. When you run dry, whip out those bad boys. There's SEVERAL things you can do with both stems and seeds. There's a video floating around on where a guy demonstrates how to "shake" the remaining THC out of them, but my favored method is making ghetto hash or using the leftovers to cook something small. The hash (while ghetto) still packs a punch. Just soak your leftover stems and seeds in a bowl overnight in 91% rubbing alcohol (not less cause it won't get as much off) and whenever you're ready, place in a pot and simmer until all the alcohol has evaporated. As a word of warning, do not use a gas stove for this, only electric. If you don't have electric, most places sell hot plates for about $10, dirt cheap, but effective.

    It's kinda funky looking and slimely blackish green looking when done, but truuuuuust's gooood shit.

    Enjoy ^_^
  17. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Or you can just let the alcohol sit for a few days, but it certainly takes much more time...
    And when I do this method, I put the stems and seeds(ground up to almost shake) in a coffee filter and just run the alcohol throo it several times.
  18. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    I dunno...the way I've been doing it works fine...and plus I have mastered the art of straining with just a butter knife. It's quite impressive.
  19. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    That's my kinda stoner. Get every last bit of THC outta that shit!
  20. NoNoNanette

    NoNoNanette New Member

    It was mostly the boyfriend's idea, but being the female and considering the boy can't even boil water (love him to death, and no offense please please please, but it's true), I usually end up cooking, straining, and scraping.

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