Healthy clone but worried it's off balance?? (pictures)

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Kushy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Kushy

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    Hey, I bought this healthy Sour Grape clone at the club this past week. The plant as well as the stem seems pretty healthy and strong, but I'm just worried that as it keeps getting bigger it will keep getting a little more off balance. It's getting a lot of nice California sun and wind and I'm sure it's stretching and strengthening the roots, but is this off-balance tipping something to be concerned about? Should I tie the top stem to a stick or do you think it will be fine?

    Also, the wind tends to blow it a certain way. Should the wind be pushing against the off-balance, or should it be pushing the same way it's tilted?
  2. Textual Violence

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    It's probably just growing towards the side the sun is on. I wouldn't worry about.
  3. Brassmusic

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    No worries... When you transplant it, set it up straight.

  4. Bud Is good

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    Plants tend to grow torwards the sun..Especially outdoors..If you keep an eye on her in the moring she will lean torards the east, in the evening she will lean torwards the west..
  5. Kushy

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    Ok, thanks all. If I change the direction the plant is facing will it confuse the plant at all? Life if I kept it changed it every couple of hours or every couple of days would it do anything at either frequency.

    And when should I transplant it to a bigger pot?
    Thanks for the noobie help. I appreciate it.
  6. stoneygreenbud

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    It looks to be between 10 & 12 inches tall, in a 6 inch cup, I'd say it is probably rootbound by now and should be transplanted into a larger container.

    as you turn the plant from being tilted, it will just right itself back to the light source.

  7. N3KR3P

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    How long have you been growng that plant? She sure it lookin' purrrdy! The plant that I grew last season (was fucking around decided to try) looked like that after like 3 weeks in the Ohio Sun.....I wish I could grow outdoor all year long here. My bud jus didnt turn out so great...... You should keep us updated, I'd love to see how your venture turns out!

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