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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by weedidas, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. weedidas

    weedidas Member

    I have a heart condition called Mitral valve prolapse (MVP).

    My heart specialist says that it is a mild-moderate regurgitation in the valve and that where it is at, I won't have to get surgery. But if it progresses, then later on in life, I might have to.

    Now I know marijuana can be bad for people with heart disease, but think those are talking about people who can't have high heartrate or exercise. But with my case, the doctor actually encourages me to excecise and get my heartrate elevated to keep it strong. I cannot lift weights though, because that puts a different strain on the heart. And he also says it's good to keep my blood pressure low, because high blood pressure constricts the vessels or w.e. He also suggested a medication called ACE inhibitors. They lower blood pressure by expanding the blood vessels, therefore taking strain off the heart. But I refused for now. Would marijuana act like ACE inhibitors (relaxng/widening blood vessels), or does it cause blood vessels to constrict?

    Now I don't know when I can get another appointment with him so I am asking for any information anyone might have on weather weed would be beneficial, bad, or neutral for my condition. (I can have increased heartrate, but not high blood pressure or lift weights)

    Any info or links would be nice.
  2. satellitehopper

    satellitehopper New Member

    I know that marijuana raises your heart rate so my guess would be that it's bad for you.

    But I think that's only if you smoke it so I'm not sure..
  3. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    Marijuana raises blood pressure.
  4. Pompo

    Pompo New Member

    Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with anyones advice on this matter except for my doctor, unless someone has had to deal with exactly the same circumstances. Hell, I'd even make sure my Dr. had significant knowledge related to the affects of weed with respect to your condition ;)
  5. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    Whoa now, lets not be hasty with this high blood pressure thing. Herb does raise blood pressure when intially smoked, but it lowers my blood pressure by twenty points on the top and the bottom. I know this to be a fact because I have a problem with blood pressure. I also have the valve problem you speak of and the doctor agrees wholeheartedly with my herb use.

    Please....if you don't know for sure about something, especially a medical problem, don't give out bad advice. Herb is a great med for hyper-tension, and this is from personal experience and consultation with several doctors....

    We don't want to give out bad advice that could hurt someone, so use caution when giving out advice....

    Just a little help from doctor deddy.....:)

    Some Where In Ded Land............
  6. weedidas

    weedidas Member

    I'm curious, is it the THC that increases heartrate, or is it that there is carbon monoxide in the blood (from smoking it), lowering the redblood cells oxygen carrying capacity,causing the heart to work harder? If this is the case, then does eating or vaporizing marijuana still cause an increase in heartrate?​
  7. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    Are you sure about that?

    I know marijuana helps with my high blood pressure, though I guess it could vary person to person.
  8. weedidas

    weedidas Member

    Yeah, marijuana increases blood pressure while sitting or laying down BUT decreases it while standing up.

    I'm not sure how long this lasts though, but I believe it to be only within the first 15 minutes and after that, it lowers or regulates blood pressure. Not sure on that part though.
  9. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    There are specialists you can consult about this who can provide the expert answers you seem to need. I can only give my own personal experience and my doctors opinion of my own problem.

    There is an increasing need for medical research to be done to find out the answers to these questions, but the medical community is too "old school" to try to make the government allow this research to be done.

    As I've said before, smoking herb keeps my blood pressure down by twenty points on the top and the bottom. This is me, though, and may not effect everyone the same. Please, if you have this problem, or even think you have, remember the way of the herbalists who have been around for awhile.....moderation. Go slow until you have found your own comfort level.

    Some Where In Ded Land..............:)
  10. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    I do not know about the effects long after smoking, but for a short term (10-15 minutes) does increase blood pressure.
  11. MasterCylinder

    MasterCylinder New Member

    So, if you survive the first few minutes, you're good to go. Just avoid the huge bong hits, right?
  12. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    I haven't seen any studies that suggest the size of the hit has anything to do with it. But yes. The first few minutes are the riskiest part for someone with a heart condition, from my understanding.
  13. 9184

    9184 New Member

    i can only speak from personal experiance

    i have this valve thing you are talking about.your heart beats along and then , it fells like it almost skips a beat.

    about ten years ago, it was getting more and more frequent , sometimes every two or three beats. i went to a doctor and he told me a lot of stuff that didnt make sence. he was definitly against drugs

    i was a pretty physical person, and,always have smoked a ton of pot

    at one point , i had a horible crisis with my back. i had to cut way back on physical exercise.

    for some unexplainable reason , a year or so later, my heart started to beat really steady with out the prolapse in the valve. the truth was, i was disapating more than ever. for sure , smoking more than ever, if that was posible , since i always smoked a lot

    i have been awed by it, and, cant beleive it beat so healthily. i have some relapses, but, i thought it was going to be bad for the rest of my life. i expect it might come back some day , strong again. if i get kind of sick, or it gets colder, it kicks in a little.

    i can only deduct that it was a combination of too much physical work out and too much life stress, which was extremly forceful in the period 10 years ago or so.

    for sure, pot consumption seemed to have no bearing on it. what ever damage excesive pot smoking does, it doesnt seem to affect this thing.
  14. weedidas

    weedidas Member

    Interesting. My main concern is that smoking produces carbon monoxide which binds with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells or something, imparing their ability to carry oxygen. This is how ciggerete smoke, combined with the nicotine, causes heart disease because it causes the heart to work harder and the blood vessels to constrict. But I'm not sure if cannabis would be just as bad, probably not because it widens bloodvessels but the smoke still has CO in it.

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