Heavy smoker for 30 years and my first drug test

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by NY1Bulldog, Apr 28, 2006.

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    I am a heavy smoker for over 30 years, smoking multiple times daily, and have been offered a job cooking in the kitckenof a Adult care facility that is run by a Hospital. they informed me that I will be required to take both a phyical and a drug test on tuesday, May 2nd. I plan on using the asprin and dilution method descibed by S2 and N2, I also bought, before I read this message board, a bootle of "Maximum strength Ultimate Gold" and plan on drinking it an hour before I leave for the test. This is the first drug test I have ever taken and I am sweating bullets. When I take the test I will not have smoked for 5 days. What are my chances of passing? I have also read the you can use Certo, used in making jellies and jams, anyone have any info on this. Also, which at home drug tests are legitimate. I am 5'10" 200 lbs and a belly gut so a moderate to slow moderate system. Not alot of exercise, maybe a couple of 1 mile walks each week. They told me I would be take a urine drug screening test Please help me.
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    Your physical description and smoking background is very similar to mine.

    I'm 6' 1" - 200 lbs
    Smoked for 20 years, a couple bowls a day on adverage.

    My occupation requires that I be on my feet all day every day.
    So, I am equating that to a couple 1 mile walks each week.
    I also have a little bit of a gut and consider myself as med to slow matabolism.

    This will (potentially) be only the second test I will have ever had to take.

    3 days after my last hit I drank a bunch of water and passed
    an At Homeā„¢ test, from Walgreens.
    (The urine was clear as water)

    2 days after that, I drank no water and took no aspirin for 3.5 hours and
    passed the at Home test again.

    Both times the test lines were faint, but were definitly there.

    I was going to use Certo also, but after reading these threads continuously over the past week, I have found that Certo is a myth.

    As others will probably mention, do the "first pee of the day" thing and go from there.

    This is the recipe I put together which I had (and still do) plan to use.
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    Everyone is different. While body size, weight and height have a bit to do with it, everyone has a different metabolism. Your best bet if you really want this job is to use a synthetic, given your smoking history. Also, if you get the job, they probably random test their employees, so either keep a bottle of synthetic urine with you at all times, or curb the usage to a more recreational level.

    p.s. I worked in the kitchen of a nursing home once, for about 6 months. It sucked. Of course I was washing dishes and setting trays, not cooking, but still, it sucked.
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    I know construction workers that carry synthetic urine all the time for that exact reason. At least that is what they say. Maybe it just makes them feel good to carry a bottle of fake piss around. :D
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