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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BLC, Jul 31, 2017.

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    This is BLC signing in from the beautiful big sky country of Montana.

    I am 58, happily married to my loving wife of almost 35 years!

    I am a sober alcoholic who has been dry nearly three years with absolutely no intention of ever partaking again, thank you very much!

    Today, I am a Montana medical marijuana card holder, who has seen the heartbreak of alcoholism and the destruction it caused in my own life. (By the way, cannabis has not made me desire other addictive drugs or led me down a downward spiral into "refer madness"!)
    Actually, quite the opposite. Though I have suffered with excessive anxiety nearly all my adult life and dealt with PTSD for the past twenty years, I can't remember being happier than I have been the past couple years using cannabis. I find myself calm, relaxed and truly in control of all those run amok emotions.
    My wife can tell you what a huge difference there has been in me since I began using cannabis again.

    So now I'm attempting to reeducate people about the truth, that cannabis is not the evil bedfellow so many falsely claim that it is.

    That actually there are many legitimate medical uses for marijuana! That the plant itself has many strains which can be as unique as the person using it. How nice to research and investigate the individual characteristics of the medicine that is tailored to my own needs, and allows me to be a normal productive person again!

    I'm excited about my future, my family's and the new frontier that is ultimately being revealed each day as more people discover the truth about medical marijuana, and the eventual dismantlement of prohibition.

    Green grass and blue sky's....
  2. buzzmobile

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    Welcome and congratulations on both your sobriety and your discovery of the medical benefits of Cannabis. How are you ingesting? Does Montana allow home growing?

    Continued success to you and your wife...we are working on our 37th year of marriage. My wife is a friend of Bill and Cannabis has been instrumental in her maintaining her abstention from alcohol for over 12 years now.
  3. BLC

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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome, it is appreciated. As are the words of encouragement and celebration! Back at you!
    Anyone that can tolerate a once drunk like me for that many years is truly a rare find:). I know that must sound really strange to people, thinking, "yeah, the poor bastard's now a 'pot head' "! ....Aw, but not true....

    Funny thing is I think my "getting high" part of me is broken from all the booze! I notice a slight buzz sometimes within a few seconds, up to half hour? Then I'm just mellow, totally relaxed and just as smooth a sail as you know can imagine.
    But as to any psychological things in my head, nope. Nothing. And I do have a reference as back when I was a teen I smoked pot off and on for a while..... I got high back then, stoned man! I mean for real:DBaby!!!

    Now, and please don't think I'm whining, contrare my friend. Not at all. I then settle into the most relaxed warm fuzzy, all that is wonderful to behold state that only needs bumped up a couple times a day. All this is me not being stoned or intoxicated to my knowledge.... I mean I'm totally functional, be it work, playing guitar, driving, what ever. I just feel like a normal person again, like back when I was a kid, no worries, no cares.

    However, I do find I'm extremely talkative.... or "KeyBoardative" (new word, seen it here first!):cool:

    I've tried smoking, vapeing, concentrate on a vaporizer, tee, coffee, cookies....you name it. Same result. I can go through several bowls in a day, and not be shitfaced. But actually it's pretty cool, became I do feel so fantastic! And my work gets done better and is more enjoyable! So no complaints here!

    As for the Montana medical program, you can choose to register with a single "provider" for your meds, or state on your application you want to grow your own:D! You can change provider any time you want or to self provider if you choose, simply let the State know in writing.

    As a "provider", I am allowed to have four adult plants, flowering, and twelve "seedlings" for my self. I am also allowed to grow for three other card holders, simply by us signing up and notifying the State. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

    Currently I am flowering a "kish" strain I grew from seed. With a very nicely coming along AK47 close behind. And a Crital Mass, a Crital Purple, and a beautiful Tutankhamen that are still very young clones....

    Anyway, I better get. Thanks again for the warm welcome.

    Green grass and blue skies....
  4. ßü††|맧

    ßü††|맧 New Member

    Oh, thanks to the heavens above!
    No jazz music or rapin' white women from this one.

  5. buzzmobile

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    I can assure you that there are strains out there that will stone you like you were stoned back in your 'yoot".

    @ ßü††|맧, :lol:
  6. buzzmobile

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    I'm happy to see two non-pee pee threads in a row.

  7. BLC

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    I while back I was reading some of these message forums, and read several things written by people who said they couldn't get high.... during the past couple years I have tried several supposedly "high THC" strains that didn't seem to give me any psychoactive effects at all. For a while I was able to count on one hand the times I felt slightly stoned... obviously I'm not against it, and it isn't an issue toward past alcohol abuse for me....

    Anyway, I just figured my abusing alcohol was my problem. And like I've said, I do feel pretty damn good these days, psychoactive added or not. I still am way happier than knocking back a couple six packs! ....So I'm just stuck for now, if you want to call it that, still no complaints.

    Those strains I mentioned earlier are supposed to be up there THC wise, so I guess I'll see. The kish I have now is just loaded with tricomes and kicked my oldest daughters rear the other day while I sat there scratching my head! I had been through a couple bowls and she had just a few hits on my vaporizer and was somewhere out in Lala land just that quick!
    So I know it's decent medicine.... or she's really a lightweight!

    It's all good....

    Green grass, blue skies.....
  8. ßü††|맧

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    Alcoholism can screw with your body "chemistry".

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