HELP!!! Hiding pot at School

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  1. I really need help... its my first day of high school tomorrow and I need help on how to hide an eighth. A bud is gonna deal me an eighth right b4 school. I need as much help as possible. I'm only asking for peoples advice. I don't want to be caught for marijuana possession on the first day of school...
  2. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    This is such a ridiculously bad idea.
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  3. CS&N

    CS&N New Member

    NEVER carry in school. Plain and simple. I did once or twice freshman year, and it asn't worth all the effort and stress, let alone the risk. If you insist, though, offer him an extra $5 to hold it until the end of school.
  4. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    I would advise against this. You will have in your mind that "shit I have bud, what if it danks?" If you don't have that, you might forget you have it and it might show up. The one time I had bud at school I forgot I had it, I took something out of my pockets, and out came the marijuana along with what I wanted (pencils). The teacher was looking my way but thankfully didn't see the marijuana. It's not really a concern of getting caught, because chances are that you won't, but the risk isn't worth it. Tell the person to give you the marijuana after school cause you can't make it for the morning or that you ave no money until after school. If you must grab in the morning, hide it somewhere outside. There's a good chance that a well hidden spot outside won't be found.
  5. DangerManG14

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    damn, uh if u gotta get it in the am, let him sell it to u off campus somewher safe. bring a pill bottle to put it in, stash it in ur bookbag, and chill. thats only if u NEED it in the mornin, otherwise, wait til after class
  6. Mista_Cannabis

    Mista_Cannabis New Member

    I agree with DangerManG14, it would be smart to deal off campus. Then arrive with it simply hidden. I have held dubs in plastic baggies with me in my pocket while at school before, but I'm sure you could smell it some of the time. Since that is not safe and it will be an eighth, try putting it in some bigger container, or if you have pill bottles those will work the best. If worrying about anything worry about the smell :p
    But good luck.

    P.S. -- To the world
    I found my old bubbler today, my dad had taken it a few months ago and I was quite sad. I finally figured I would try searching my dads dresser today and I found my favorite piece I have had so far :D! I am so so so so happy! "Squirt" is his name.

    P.S.S. -- To everyone who decided to read this much
    I also am spending the rest of my money and buying a dime from my dealer. Thank god he is coming by today! I need to smoke out of this thing!
  7. Miketheman420

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    DONT DO IT. I made that mistake once and got suspened for a week and got probation and all i had was a stem and a few seeds left in a bag
  8. kronik

    kronik Well-Known Member

    Listen to me. I have experience in this my man. I'm gonna be going to school tommorow too, and last year, I had bud on me so much. It's still not the best idea in the world, my school did have drug checks I don't know when, I forget, and don't really care... but as long as you keep it on you you're good they can't search you. If they try to search you or you think they will and call you to the office you go to the bathroom and flush it. PM me if you need more advice
  9. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Kronik, they can search him. You basically forfeit your rights when you're on school property. They can search you, your locker and bag for no reason at all... Unlikely, yes. But it can happen.
  10. kronik

    kronik Well-Known Member

    Then you fucking run out the room and make it to the closest bathroom or door, and throw the weed out somewhere outside or toilet. I'd much rather have a day's suspension on my record for skipping school, than to have a "drug" charge on my record.
  11. YoungToke

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    Hey man this is just my opinion but i would never take weed to school, wait till after school or something. But, don't do it in school grounds because they can basically do whatever the fuck they want with you once you step a foot in your school.
    BAD IDEA !
  12. Mikeman9412

    Mikeman9412 New Member

    Just don't do it man! Plain and simple as that. You don't want to get in trouble the first day? I know exactly how... Don't do it!
  13. xtoke-all-dayx

    xtoke-all-dayx New Member

    If you're freaking enough to ask us, chances are your going to be sweatin it all day, and you're going to look like you're doing something illegal. More likely to get questioned.
  14. blowmypipe

    blowmypipe New Member

    This guy didn't want a bunch of don't do it answers. His question was how to hide in school so you should answer him with a legit answer. Here's the best spot. In the bathrooms there are usually soap dispensers. There's a button on the bottom that unlocks it to refill the soap. You can put it behind the soap pouch. Try the most secluded restroom that is rarely used. Hope I helped.
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  15. noobsaibot

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    Thanks man, that's been one of my biggest pet peeves about this site. the thread didn't say tell him if he shouldn't or shouldn't bring weed to school, it said help with finding a spot in school to hide it. If the smell isn't too strong, your locker is a good spot. If you have the time and seclusion you can go in the library, fake like you are looking at a back and slip the weed behind a book in which you think is in a relatively safe spot.
  16. DangerManG14

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    well if hes gonna hide it at school he needs to know that there are risks involved. Soap dispensars? why would you stash weed within school property? and the whole day u are wonderin if its still gonna be there. u cant assume that no one is goona use a certain restroom especially if its your FIRST DAY of high school. pill bottle, book bag, and ur good.
  17. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    You sir, are certainly Dazed and Confused....
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  18. blowmypipe

    blowmypipe New Member

    No kid is going to open the back of a soap dispenser. The soap can still be used to get soap. I know the first thing I wann do when I go to school is go to the bathroom and check a soap dispenser ahaha.
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  19. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Perhaps the members of this site are of a much higher intelligence to deduce that firstly it is illigal, secondly it is dangerous, and thirdly we do not advocate this kind of usage, or at least I...

    What kind of answers were you expecting to hear? Hide it in the sports shed? Dear God man this is not a place for the facilitation of this kind of manner.
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  20. Hiding the smell?

    Okay... I told him to hold it off another day. I know what to do now. I'm just gonna keep it with me throughout the school day, and if I don't get caught, hide it in my room. But how am I supposed to hide the smell?

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