HELP!!!! Hit a blunt twice... drug test in 7 days

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by frisco415, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    I havent smoked for 3 months and been clean for a long time after being tested.... i hit a blunt 2 times and i have a test in 7 days... i have been drinking teas and lots of fluids and water... im planning to take aspirin 2 hrs before the test and 2 packets of certo and vitamin B... im also going to keep drinking lots of water all this time up to the test... what are my chances of passing??? help me out yall.. thx
  2. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    im also skinny with fast metabolism, play lots of sports and work out every other day....
  3. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    You should be fine. Don't use the first urine of the day and properly dilude and you'll have no problem. You should probably go get a few home tests and the day before the test see if you can pass without dilution. If not then practice. If you dilude properly you will be fine....:)
  4. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    thx man... hope u get off probation wit no violations... u got only 20 days... stay safe main .. late
  5. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    anyone else have any advice or thoughts please tell me.. thx
  6. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    Seven days should be sufficient time to detox from that one time after a 3 month period of not smoking. I too would suggest not giving the first urine of the day, but other than that, you should be in good shape; just drink a nice tall glass of water about an hour before ;)
  7. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    in some places i read about stopping exercise 2 days before going in and not drinking energy drinks like red bull or rockstar before pee tests... does this have any effects or are these just myths... what do you guys know about all that..
  8. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    The rational behind that is that your body will stop burning so much fat after you stop working out thus releasing less metabolites into the urine...Some say to eat big meals during this time putting the body into "fat storing" mode as apposed to fat burning mode....This seems logical, and I believe it to be true.
  9. banevictus

    banevictus New Member

    I have a friend Billy, who is 5'9" and 130 lbs. He smoked like a chief and his work gave random drug tests. As long as he had about 4 hours notice he could pass a urine test by diluting, even though he may have smoked the same day! (I'm just citing a case, don't get cocky, skinny guys with fast metabolisms have it easier than the rest of us) I have another friend who failed after being clean for over a month, he is 5'8" 220 lbs.
  10. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    ye im 5'10 160lb ::camper::
  11. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    AND CLEAN ASS ****, THE LINES ON THE EMIT TEST CAME UP QUICK AS ****, WOKE UP AT 7am, test at 9, drank hella water like 90 fl oz, with certo in it, took like 800mg of aspirin or so at 7:30 with 3 vitamin B12, peed 3 times before the test, came in and im clean... im happy as ****...

    !!!!!now another question, if your po tells u you have an apointment in like 3 weeks, and you have random drug testing, do they ever call you before the 3 weeks to test you or jus test u when u come in after 3 weeks and dont call you in between????? thanks for the help everyone... this forum saved ma ass n keeps me smoking

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