Help: HOw to lowel Marijuana level in urine?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by AlanNYC89, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. AlanNYC89

    AlanNYC89 New Member

    SOmone please respond this is urgent I have to take a drug test soon. I am now getting tested evey Wednesday. Last Wednesday i gave my drug tester ( p.O.) urine that came up positive for Marijuana. I then smoked a couple hours after that and also on Sunday. I didnt smoke MOnday yuesday or Today. Is there a way I can lower my level days leading up to the test and also on the same day of the test ( which is today)? Can someone please help me with a good response. Thanks so much any feedback would be appreciated
  2. OneHitWhip

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    If you're on probation the best way to reduce your THC levels is to quit smoking. Probation does not last as long as life and weed. Elongating your probation or going to jail is simply not worth it.

    With that said, you should spend some time reading the sticky posts on this forum. They will give you the best idea on how to dilute or sub. Subbing when on probation is very hard because they watch you. So I would recommend diluting (in lieu of quitting of course).

    Please be sure to post your results such that we all may learn. I hope this helps and good luck!
  3. OrangeJuiceandKush

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    So after you failed you smoked again twice knowing you were going to be tested again?


    Only thing you can really do now is just buy synthetic urine or use somone elses piss that is clean. Or you could CHUG water so it is diluted and you might pass but you better start drinking.
  4. medme

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    if you don't stop smoking you'll pee dirty,,,, my PO took into account that i was a heavy user, and he was concerned that my count was coming down,,, so i flunked the first few, but they were getting lower and lower,, so he was sure i had stopped,, good luck to ya
  5. tinaninabina

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    i have probation too, and i test every 2 weeks. the first month i was on probation i failed both tests. but my p.o. didn't care as long as the levels were coming down. so there better be way less thc in your urine than there was on the test before that. if you smoke, the thc levels will go back up to what they were and it will stay the same. you'll have to start the detoxing process from square one. you don't want to be dropping dirty two months into your probation with your levels just as high as when you begun, trust me. your po will know damn well you smoked. there is a half-life of thc, it leaves your body at a certain rate. they know what the levels should be after a certain amount of time if someone truly quits, and you can't fool them. the only thing you could do is dilute yourself for the next test so the thc levels appear to be less, but you are taking a risk of being too diluted and making it obvious you were trying to hide something. you just have to quit if you're on probation. especially with being tested every week, you just can't sneak anything by them. i admit i smoked after my probation started.... and i know it's hard to quit. i went to my favorite place to smoke, the beach, and i smoked my last doobie. i inhaled very deeply and tried to enjoy every hit, and then i just stared at the waves trying to hold onto that wonderful stoned feeling as long as i could. i threw the roach into the water so i wouldn't find it later and smoke it. i gave my bong away and threw out my papers. and that was it. you need to apologize to your po and if you get in trouble, and tell him you were having a hard time quitting. they respect your honesty. once you abstain for about 2 weeks it won't be hard at all. after a month or two you'll just feel high on life. there will be a day when you can smoke again, and it will be the awesomest smokedown you've ever experienced.
  6. OS#1

    OS#1 New Member

    Why bother OJK your pic bro says it all. I am out of here.
  7. AlanNYC89

    AlanNYC89 New Member

    THanks for all the responses and advice everyone. I have already set today "March 3rd 2011" my last day blazing temporarily. I just want to enjoy one last day of blazing because I know it will be my last for a couple of years so I want to enjoy it and before I smoke I will write down a list of things i'm going to accomplish for myself during the time period i'll be on probation which is 2 - 5 years.
    After that time period is is over I'll for sure go back to blazing since I would no longer be required to submit urine testing. Smoking Marijuana is one of my favorites hobbies but of course I usually put work before fun and always smoke some chronic after a hard day of work. I just know even though its 1 of my favorites hobbies i'll have to quit it tempoarily if I want to continue to work and be sucessful in life during this time period i'll be on probation. I don't let Weed take over me and I can STOP smoking for multiple years because I know it will still be there for me to smoke once probation is over . I've used marijuana EVERYDAY for the past 4 - 5 years so it's going to be hard for me to let go of something I like to do but I'm smart enough to know i'll have to quit to be free.
    Besides if I quit for that Long and then go back to smoking i'll get XTRA !HIGH!!:D
    Well I have set today as my last day smoking "temporarily" and thats today!I'm always strict about all my goals so I know I'll have no problems maintaining my abstinence and I know i'll be faithful about my goal and NEVR smoke once while on Probation after today. It's going to be hard but i'm going to do it.
    In the meantime if anyone knows what I can drink eat or any vitamins I can take to reduce my marijunaa level in my urine specifically please advise me as any feedback would be appreciated! THanks so much Everyone and have a great day!
  8. AlanNYC89

    AlanNYC89 New Member

    I should not of said it that way. my po didnt test me, during an interview with my po he asked questions asked me if I used drugs. I acknowledged to him I use marijuana and he refereed me to a program. My po has NEVER drug tested me. THe program he referred me to is the program that takes my Urine. THey report my Weed level to him.The program instructor had me sign a contract stating that if My weed use increases by the end of 30 days starting form the day I sign the contract ( which was February 25th ) Then I will be referred to an impatient drug treatment program.Basically I dont have to be completely clean in 30 days, my urine just has to be "cleaner than it was when I fisr gave them a positive urine for marijuana. If my lvel starts to lower it means I am complying with their program and it will go down as a good report to my po who will report it to the judge which will have a good effect for my current court case i'm currrently on probation for.
  9. AlanNYC89

    AlanNYC89 New Member

    THanks so much you gave me great advice I will tell him tomorrow I am sorry for smoking and I will also tell him I had a hard time quitting but that now I made a definite decision to stop completely. I will tell him exactly that next time I see him. THanks again so much for your words of advice.
  10. AlanNYC89

    AlanNYC89 New Member

    Hey eveyone i'm submitting another urine to the program on Wednesday March 9th. Is there anything else I can do besides drinking water and quitting smoking that would help lower my Marijuana level in my urine. And also if drinking water is one of the best ways, how often and how much should I be drinking on the days leading up to wednesday and also on the actual test date wednesday? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks again.
  11. Grabsallday

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    Exercise until you're soaked in sweat, ready to pass out.

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