help i need to pass whats the best way

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by hydro_h2o, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. hydro_h2o

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    well i have a chance at a bad ass job that could take me and my family far.i smoke just about every about 180 pounds male.i have about a week and a half to two one will be in the room with me when i have to take question is what would be the best way to pass the test.i dont care how much it cost.

    i was thinking about the sythetic urine but i have no clue if it will work.has any one out there used any befor????of course my biggest fear that they will know its fake piss.if it works what kind should i get.what about the heat how do i keep it 90 degrees???

    do any of the drinks work??like i said im a real heavy smoker.has any one used any of the millon drinks out there??if so what kind works best??

    the wiz-a-nator does that work???i have a brother and acouple of buddys who are clean.and does it come with a heater???

    any help is great.please only good info.thanks to all that help.
  2. 1tokeovertheline

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    Read the substitution sticky, buy some Quick Fix, and practice a lot. You have plenty of time. Good luck.
  3. maryganja

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    I'd have to say go with substituion as well. Good luck with the test man.
  4. hydro_h2o

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    i think im going to let my brother piss in a little bottle befor i go.iv been testing and testing.i just cant take a chance on them knowing its brother has never even taken cough meds or a asprin for a head ache.i just have to get the temp right.
  5. cjgun54

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    Do not use the detox drinks. I smoked daily for over ten years. I am a 5'9" and weigh 165lbs. I have been clean for six weeks and I am still testing positive for THC. Now, I will say that there is a pink line on the T but the C line is burgundy. I have read that no matter how faint the line, you pass, but I am not taking any chances. I am testing tomorrow for $100k job and I am using powered human urine from I will post results as soon as I get them. Why take a chance? Go with substitution. The only problem with using your brother's urine is that I heard it can cloud up if you heat it in microwave for the initial warming process. Good Luck. This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

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