Help! I want weed but have no connections!

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by bellonagoddess, May 23, 2010.

  1. bellonagoddess

    bellonagoddess New Member

    About 4 months the "friends" I smoked with for a few months a couple times each week stopped talking to me because I turned one of the guys down when he asked me out and now they all hate me. Now, I want to smoke again, but those were the only people I know who did it. All of my other friends are straight edge and just tell me it's bad.

    I'm kind of shy, and don't really know many people. How do I go about buying it?
    My other worry is that I'll get my ass ripped off if I work up the courage to ask some random stoner. My friend did that and got sold kitchen spice. I don't think I'd be that stupid, but I'd probably get sold shitty weed.
    I did ask an aquantence of mine and he told me to send a message on facebook to this well known stoner that I don't know asking where I could get some bud. Does this sound like a good idea? Or will I end up getting tricked like my friend?
    Also, I can't just go driving around in some ghetto asking people, I'm not old enough to drive.

    Please help, I really wanna smoke again!
  2. Marley's Bong

    Marley's Bong New Member

    Herb is everywhere.

    there has to be tons of ppl in school that kno where to get sum. jus ask any1 whering a bob marley shirt.
  3. 420Revolution

    420Revolution New Member

    do the facebook thing, most people wont rip you off on account that you wont come back to them with more money if they rip you off
  4. Most of the stoners I've met were at school. The rest were through my families known connections since nearly my whole family blazes. Best to look around for people who give off that stoner vibe. The guy who asked you out sounds like a d bag.
  5. bridgetn88

    bridgetn88 New Member

    herb aint hard to find - its just not always there either. highschool stoners do have dry times - so its best to keep emergency weed nearby lol
  6. Knuxx

    Knuxx New Member

    that made me laugh :)
    3 of my mains sources come from some of the biggest richest looking houses on the block.

    But generally, it just takes time and effort. get ahold of that dude that your friend suggested, and if he is unreliable, or he just doesnt work out, ask HIM if HE knows anyone else, and continue the train like that.

    its easier said than done, i know. All acquiring weed requires is people. You might be able to find it by not looking for it at all. Thats usually what happens when there is no weed to be found for me.


    hope this helps :)
  7. DirtyBlaze

    DirtyBlaze New Member

    I found my first sack just by being in my ROTC unit, ironically enough.. If you're in a high school organization or whatnot that isn't about being straight edge or whatnot.. There will always be a group of stoners. My unit, especially.. We're #1 in the county (about 30 other units), and been #1 for the past 5 years running, but we actually have a bit of a drug.. issue. Last year, we had 5 people busted for drugs, this year, only 2 (one was me..).

    I just kinda chatted with a few of them, and eventually just brought it up "Yo.. I can't find weed anywhere around here, man."

    Found my first dealer by him saying "Yo, I know where you can get some.", he turned out to be pricey. I was then directed to our now OPS of the unit, who is my main source. Not to mention I got the hook up on that.. He'll always call me "Yo, wanna chill?", not expecting anything in return. He made it clear that he was doing it just cause we're friends. I am so gonna be paying him back come mid June ;).

    But if you see a bunch of red-eyed kids, just kinda laid back and chillaxing, hit them up. Just be cool about it, don't be acting sketchy, nervous, paranoid, whatever. You would think a high school military unit would be drug-free.. Yet we have the highest drug usage in the area.. Anonymous polls ;). From what I've seen.. In the past 3 years, there has yet to be a drill meet, parade, or community service event that we don't have at least 5 people stoned..

    Hell.. I even just got a call from one of the younger cadets (NS3, third year) like 2 minutes ago, asking if I want to buy some :laugh:
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    NOT a good idea

    1) You would be putting up a request to buy an illegal substance on a non-secure internet site. What goes on the internet is there forever.

    2) Anyone who recommends a dealer to a stranger over the internet is putting that dealer at great risk and has no concept of operational security.
  9. PepeTheMano

    PepeTheMano New Member

    "What goes on the internet is there forever"

    You just scared me there. I really hope they don't save the facebook chat logs forever
  10. TanyaSJ

    TanyaSJ New Member

    I'm in the same situation sorta.. i have no place to smoke weed, :(

    Just look around your school.. you'll see signs that certain people are stoners then maybe just ask them. I understand that your shy and shit but this is the only way you'll get some weed..
    Do the whole mesage over fb thing..if the weeds shit or whatever, At least you've tried that dealer..
    There is TONS of people who sell weed out there, there just good at hiding it :)
    And shit.. you could be right about the messages being there forever..
    I Hope not or else im fucked:l
  11. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    weed smokers are everywhere....

    i once asked this random guy at burger king if he could sell me some nugs,
    turned out he could :)
  12. gogreen420

    gogreen420 Sr. Member

    Weed is truly the most widely used illicit substance in the world; it is very hard not to find it if you are trying to look for it. If you are shy or nervous about buying weed, it is good to remember that most of these people were just like you once. You won't ever get weed if you are not willing to step up and just ask those people that look like your stereotypical "stoners".

    Once you start using weed more, you'll develop the stoner radar so you can just detect who uses pot and who doesn't; then you will be good enough to ask people like me where they can get some bud (if you saw me on the street, without that stoner radar you wouldn't have a clue, I am nowhere near the stereotypical stoner).

    Also, it's really easy to find other stoners if you let them overhear you talking about "that one time when you were high...". Telling a story that someone can "overhear accidentally" is how I found one of my best dealers.
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