Help needed!!! Pic of drug test am I good for lab test????HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by gsctennis, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I recently thought I would have 32 days before the drug test for my employment. Well today I received an email saying I have until Friday to take a Urinalysis from Quest Diagnostics.Today was day 20 and test day will be 22 days smoke free! The test is UR Drug Screening 35190N SAP 1050/2000 W/NIT. I recently took a drug test that my friend gave me. He is a probation officer and his test is supposed to test THC= 50ng/ml.I attached a picture to show you the line. Its very faint but still there. I showed him and he said that is a "negative" for sure.

    I have been eating fatty food all day. Ate a burger with bacon, had 2 taco bell tacos and a zaxbys wings and things and some chicken and rice for dinner. I will be eating a ton tomorrow and didnt work out today. I worked out yesterday and took this test today around 10:30 a.m.

    I also have ordered quick fix and am not sure what I should do? Do the labs test on the Gas Chromotography because if so they will be checking at 15 ng/ml according to teh quest diagnostics website. Any help is great appreciated.

    I will take a test tomorrow and submit another picture to see if it improves.

    Thanks again. This is for a great job and I am really nervous.

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  2. hopenbilly

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    What void did you use for the home test? The line is there, so that is a good sign. The gs/ms at 15 n/g is only used to verify positive results from the 1st screen( which is usually at 50n/g's in the immunoassay-the first test)

    I think your test is a 10 panel drug screening, witha 50n/g cutoff for THC and a 2,000n/g cutoff for opiates. I think you test should read: 35190N SAP 10(-)50/2000 W/Nit. You can google your test, as there are numerous documents.

    What is your height/weight/metabolism/smoking patterns? These will all help paint a better picture of where you stand. Please update, as this might help get you more input.

    Good Luck
  3. gsctennis

    gsctennis New Member

    O sorry. I assumed which was dumb people read my earlier posts. I am 5"7 and 165 lbs. I smoked pretty much everyday for the past year. I quit on December 16. My metabolism is medium. Used to be 250 and lost weight over the past year. Run everyday 3 miles usually. Worked out yesterday and took this test I would say it was my fifth void after drinking 96 ounces of water over a 3 hour span. I am going to try dilution method tomorrow. I am going to continue to eat fatty foods tomorrow which is unusual for my body. Think I am going to eat two sausage egg and cheese mcgriddles ha ha. Yum!!!

    Like I said I have quick fix coming in tomorrow as well. What does the NIT test for? Does that affect quick fix anyone know! Thanks for your help and I saw you passed hopenbilly Congrats. I am nervous yet confident I can pass this.
  4. hopenbilly

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    NIT checks for adulterants, usually for nitrates in your urine. If you provide a human sample, then this will not be an issue. However, I have zero experience and knowledge with quickfix.

    Make sure to dilute, but make sure to drink plenty of gatorade/juice/protein shakes because too much water will have a negative impact on your validity tests. If you go with quickfix, do some research as I cannot help you.

    Also, check your employers drug free workplace program because they might allow one retest for a negative dilute. Some employers will simply move on to the next canidate, but some will retest and/or accept the negative-dilute as a negative test. Research and verify.

    I did read your previous post, but I just put two and two together. It might be a good idea to drink plenty of fluids tonight, and retest yourself first thing in the morning. If there is a line, then you should be good to go with a light/medium dilute. If your test shows nothing, then quickfix might be your best bet. Be smart, you know your body better than us internet strangers.

    Good Luck and please update!!!
  5. gsctennis

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    Here are pictures of four tests I have taken. First pic is on a previous thread test was taken after maybe my 5th void of the day when I drank 96 ounces of water. The second picture is when I tried the dilution method this morning around 10:00 a.m. . The third is a picture after I ate lunch without drinking any water but had used the dilution method earlier in the day, the time was around 2:45 p.m. Final picture is when I tested quick fix to see if it works.

    Tomorrow is the big day and I am nervous as hell. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ate a ton of fatty food tonight already, ate a Jumbo Honey Bun 30g of Fat and a Giant Slim Jim which has 25 g of Fat.

    I am thinking of subbing with a friends pee now in worst case scenario. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Gagan Chahal

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  6. hopenbilly

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    I would advise grabbing a different brand test for tomorrow on your first void. Also, if you 1st void pic is still "faint," then I would test your 2nd void to see if there is a major difference. With a faint line, you can dilute and be just fine.
    Also, different tests will have different colored lines. Meaning that some tests will show a faint line with tap water.

    If you think that you will fail with your own urine, then sub with a friends urine. You should practice asap, and resort with the quick fix for plan C. Keep fatloading tonight, and I would test again with your 1st and 2nd void. All you have to do is get below the 50n/g, and you will pass - even if your test is 49n/g you will still get a negative. Even if your 1st test shows above 50n/g and you get a 14 or below on your gs/ms, then you will still get a negative.

    Be smart and go with your gut feeling. Please keep us posted and put your thesbian skills on display tomorrow.

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