help on making very strong potent cannabis tea

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    Hey guys I am brand new to cooking with cannabis. Never done this before. And I love tea. I want to put these things together.

    Here is my goal
    1. I want to make cannabis tea that is equally potent as making brownies. In other words, my only goal is to make a tea that has a high equally as great as making brownies.

    This is my only goal. Please let me know if this would accomplish my goal.

    Here is what I was thinking.

    -Grind up enough dank into a fine powder to make 1 teaspoon. (this is my usual amount when smoking)
    -2 cups of whole milk and 1 table spoon of olive oil and maybe even some natural peanutbutter for good measure

    let this simmer in a covered pot at some temperature for some amount of time. The important concept here is that I am consuming the entire leaf, not just steeping it/removing it and not consuming it.

    I have 3 questions.

    1. will the high be as potent as brownies
    2. What temperature should I do this at? Simmering? slightly less than simmering?
    3. How long should this brew for?

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