Help on strain to choose for Depression?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Futuregrower, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Futuregrower

    Futuregrower New Member

    Hi All,

    Ok, so my self-enforced sabbatical from weed/drinking is over, and this go-round I'm going for 'known' strains only, no more buying 'i dunno what strain it is, but the stuff is good so just smoke it'.

    So, given that I sometimes suffer from a crushing depression, any strain help?
    I also am at-risk for diabetes,and would like to avoid munchies as much as possible, if I can. I can see myself, a gallon of ice cream eaten straight from the tub...then my foot just falls off.

    I'd like to find a specific strain that is good for daytime use, as I plan on using during waking/working hours.

    I'm also not gonna be drinking anymore, if that helps.

    I would really appreciate anyone who has actually used that particular strain, especially if you got it from a seed company or medical dispensary, as I don't always believe the websites- some don't sound real, they just promote all their stains as 'best ever'.

    Anyway, how about it, gang? Advice on strain for Depression? Daytime high, prefer no munchies? Any help would be appreciated, will :hail: your name if you come up with not only a good strain, but also where it comes from - I.E., "strain" from Somaseeds ( for verification only- not phishing for seed companies.)

  2. bytemee495

    bytemee495 Sr. Member

    Well...I know I can't provide you with EXACTLY what you're looking for. Medical has not been legalized yet in NY, all though the bill is in the state senate! That being said. At least to help point you in the right direction. If you have the option of a dispensary and you don't know a strain. I recently read an article saying that people who suffer from depression and anxiety, THC can actually make these worse. However, you'd be looking for a strain with a smaller concentrate of THC, and a higher cocentration of "Cannabiloids" (I think is how to spell them). They have the more calming, and relaxing effect, rather then the THC. So start heading in that direction. If I can help ne more...let me know. Unfortunatly I don't have more specific info then that!

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  3. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Some strains are used for pains, aches, etc... But I've never heard of a strain to make you un-depressed. I think weed in general just makes you happy, some strains aren't breeded FOR that purpose. Pot isn't like some other off topics such as e. You can mix and measure substances into an e pill, but you can't measure 500mg of THC and inject it into the plant. Nature and care form the plants cannabinoid levels, and there's no way to tell for sure which exact strain would be best.

    The only advice I can give is probably to choose a strong Sativa, NOT INDICA. I've found that when I smoke a lot of an indica, the burnout can be so awful I will just feel like life is not worth it on the comedown of an indica.
  4. SixShottaJ

    SixShottaJ Sr. Member

    Like Kushy said sativa strains would probably benefit you more. I would go for any type of Haze, Jack Herer, Trainwreck.. or maybe even a blend of both sativa and indica, such as White Widow or Sour Diesel. I guess the only way for you to findout is to try em all!
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  5. FenceWalker

    FenceWalker Recluse

    I just harvested some 'New Purple Power', which is a sativa and pretty damn good for depression, lethargy and to boost your appetite.

    I would disagree with White Widow. Having grown that for years I have found it to be a much more couchlock type of high.

    Here are some links for research on cannabis + depression.
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  6. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    Highly Sativa dominant for sure, couch lock is never good for depression...A Sativa will promote a more contemplative high.
  7. Futuregrower

    Futuregrower New Member

    WOW fencewalker, did your homework I see.
    I agree with all the 'no-indica' advice, I'm looking for mota-vation, not" let's stare at the wall........................................................................................................uh, what?"
    Everything I've heard/read since I first discovered there were 2 major strains (ruderalis not counted) says that pure indica can depress you more, even the come-down can make you more depressed.
    I'm gonna lean towards starting with 3-4 Sativa-Dom. Strains, and see.
  8. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Remember, smoking too much can actually increase depression, no matter what strain. I find that once I start smoking enough to build a tolerance that it starts to cause my depression to increase. A couple of puffs 5-6 nights a week keeps me on a good level.
  9. Desperado

    Desperado New Member

    To agree with the above poster (Audio)

    I've found the same thing happened to me; The more Tolerent I got to weed, the More "bad thougts" and depression kicked in.

    I would even go so far as to say, instead of 5-6 nights a week smoking.

    Maybe you should do it Once a month, OR maybe twice a month.

    Just so it is always exciting for you, and never:

    " SHit i'm about to smoke, I wonder if that same feeling of depression will take me over again?"


    "No feeling!, O wait, there it is, OK now IM done..." *Proceed to Twitch, become paranoid, sad, and all around un-social.*
  10. bytemee495

    bytemee495 Sr. Member

    Ok...I'm really gonna try hard not to get on my soap box...but this is complete mis-information. Its fine to ask questions if you don't know, or provide answers if you do...but I want to know where you got your information from here? First of all... Depression is not the same as being depressed. Depression is a diagnosable, form of mental illness, that stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain usually having to do with levels of seratonin, melatonin, and others. Secondly...I don't want to delve into off topics, however what is the last time you knew somebody who could tell you what the measurments of what ingrediants went into an E pill? More times then not, people can't even positivly identify the strain of bud they get! So don't fool yourself on that. And lastly let me say that, Sativa's produce a much higher level of THC then cannabinoids, where as Indica plants carry a higher concentration of cannabinoids. There have been studies, and articles released showing that the cannabinoids have helped people who suffer from both aniety, panic disorders, and depression. And have also found that higher concentrations of THC can possibly inflame these disorders, and have the reverse effect. ok. thats all. Not to be a jerk. But mis-information has hurt people in the pot smoking world for so long. We just need to be clear about all the facts. There's nothing wrong with learning! Happy toking everyone!

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  11. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    Try checking out this magazine called "Treating Yourself". Treating Yourself - they allow you to download all their previous released magazines that were on stand, so thats pretty cool, but you can't download the fresh released magazine, you have to wait for the new one to come out, and the process repeats.

    But yea, download all their zines, look through their medical strain guides. What they do is go over a number of strains in each issue that describe which strain is best for which medical condition.

    Maybe they have a strain in one of their issues that is good for depression? Who knows, giving it a look wouldn't hurt.

    Good luck!
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  12. Futuregrower

    Futuregrower New Member

    Thanks for the help so far, everyone! Audio n desperado, Thanks, not planning on smoking myself stupid, as they say. One of the reasons I quit, aside from some bad decisions on my part while high & drunk, was smoking too much- I'm a big guy, with big appetites, and I'm happy I never found any off-topic white powder appealing, or I might've had more a damn Gorilla on my back. Bytemee, all I've read in the ads, etc., say that high-indica = high THC/couchlock, highly sativa = more CBD's/head high, more energetic. Maybe this is due to the interaction of various CBD's and THC? I'm confoosed. all the companies say Indica = bad for Depression, in general, and sativa = better. Is this due to just the THC level or what? Anyway, confoosion aside, Depression as a medical condition IS different than what most people say is "Depressed". depressed is taken to mean sad for awhile, like say you lost a loved one. Likely to clear up on it's own, with some support from friends/family. Depression as a clinical condition can go on for years, have no specific cause except a chemical imbalance, and if untreated can make it very hard to do anything at all. And rich420, thanks for the e-zine, I'm gonna read thru some issues and see if they can recommend anything. I'll post it here if they sound plausible.

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