HELP!!..probation drug test tomorrow need answers fast...

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by deftonesjunkie, Apr 17, 2005.

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    I've been smoking a good bit for a couple of yrs now until I got caught...Feb 16th I went to court they placed me on probation..I smoked after that until feb 28th..I bought these Completly Clean pills..they worked..Seen my p.o she didnt drug test me the first time..Smoked right after that until April 12th(last tuesday) wedsday bought these anti-toxin 7 fiber pills plus these GNC cleansing pills...ANYWAYS getting to the point..Im scared that this isnt going to work..My friends have been tellin me to use Certo..Does this **** really work????..Can they detected it?????....Please I need
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    We all know it's hard to stop when you enjoy to smoke as much as most of us on this site. But you are going to learn a very hard lesson if you aren't smarter about smoking while on probation. My advise, and I KNOW so many here would concure, would be to stop till your probation is over. That choice is yours to make. But smoking a week before your going to check in is very risky! You can't sub, because you will be observed. If you haven't got home tests to experiment with dilution....than you are in a bit of a quandry...and the consequences can be very serious. You might want to read up on the asprin and dilution tips posted on the top of the main page of this site.... It is your only option. It's easy for your friends to tell you to use certo....there not the ones who will violate probation if you fail. It is NOT a sure way to pass your test. Some have had success, and some have not.
    You are going to have to dilute HEAVILY to pass this test.
    It is the only option.
    Sincerest best of luck on your test.
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    It's NOT the certo, it's the WATER you wash it down with that allows passing. And as Wiz said, if you hear those bars go CLANK behind you, you will wish you had excersized a bit more self control. N2

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