HELP!! Quest Drug Test: 35105N SAP 5-50 W/NIT

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by rain0045, Apr 5, 2007.

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    I will be taking a Pre-Employment 35105n SAP 5-50 W/NIT test at Quest Diagnostics this coming Monday, and am not sure if I should buy something to help me pass.

    I stopped smoking four weeks ago, but prior to that I smoked more or less every day for two years, so I guess I was a chronic smoker. I am 5'2'', 115 pounds, never work out, and am unsure about my metabolism. I am fairly thin, but have gained weight the passed six months, since I stopped regularly excercising and continued to eat a lot (diet consists strictly of carbs: pasta, rice, potatoes).

    I am not sure if four weeks is enough time, and several years ago, I used QCarbo from GNC and passed (although I had quit smoking for over 6 weeks). I don't mind spending the extra money to buy it, as long as I pass, but am reading a lot of posts that recommend not using QCarbo or any other cleansing product.

    Please let me know what you think I should do, and if you think I have a good chance passing naturally. If not, which products do you suggest?

    The following is the standard five drug panel, which I got off the Quest site:

    Drug Group EIA Screen Cutoff Level* (ng/mL**) GC/MS Confirmation Cutoff Level* (ng/mL**)
    Amphetamines (amphetamine and methamphetamine) 1,000 500
    Cocaine metabolite 300 150
    Marijuana metabolites 50 15
    Opiates (codeine and morphine) 2,000 2,000
    Phencyclidine 25 25
    * These are standard cutoff levels; alternate cutoff levels may be available.
    ** Nanograms per milliliter; the above cutoff levels, list of analytes and test methodologies are subject to change when required by applicable government regulations or guidelines.

    It may be hard to read, so here is the link:
    Standard Urine Testing for Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Employer Solutions: Quest Diagnostics

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    i would recommend using the dilution technique since it would be the easiest. i am in the same boat and i have been clean for almost 5 weeks and i had a very faint line, after drinking about 40 oz i came up with a darker line and diluting involves drink about 64-128 oz. it worked for me and i think with your low weight and already being clean for 4 week a little bit of dilution and vitamin b with aspirin and creatine i think you will pass. if you want you can buy a test strip from walgreens and test your self before and after the dilution.
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    I have a question-- having a test tomorrow W/NIT....I have the stuff and stat flush, but am not sure if i should use them bc of that stipulation. I've been clean for three weeks, anyone have any advice???

    Oh more details, prior to I smoke daily, about 5'6 135pds...not sure how my metabolism is, typically work out, in good shape, but dont know if three weeks is enough. Next part of the question- should I get b12 or aspirin if the drink isnt going to cut it. PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. Stressing Drug Test

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    Faint Line on First Check Home Drug Test. Will I pass Quest Diagnostic Lab Test?

    Faint Line on First Check Home Drug Test. Will I pass Quest Diagnostic Lab Test?

    I have a concern "Can anyone definitively say if the first check home test kit is truly accurate about the presence of faint lines vs. what a true lab test may identify?"

    These posts above were from 2008 to 2009. My concern is for now 2011. Has anything changed or upgraded at the labs to detect THC? Are test in labs in 2011 now more accurate or more sensitive than 2008 and 2009? My Lab test was at 3pm yesterday. I smoked 4-5 blunts within 17 days before my lab test. But the very last time was 7 days before the lab test yesterday. I drank massive water and cranberry juice 2 days before my Lab Test. On the day of lab test, I flushed starting 3 hours before the Lab Test (at 12pm) with Ultimate Blend 24 (which can be found at most smokeshops). I did the First Check Home kit test at 2:35pm and showed negative with very very faint lines. Since it was faint lines and the box stated that faint lines falls under "negative", I went ahead and Took the Lab Test at Quest Diagnostic at around 3:05pm. I then rushed home to do another Home Kit Test which then appeared completely negative at 3:45pm. So if it was faintly negative half hour before The Lab and then completely negative with solid lines 40 minutes later after the Lab test, is that safe to say that the Lab will detect a "Negative"? I haven't been called yet from the job even though its only been 29 hrs and I am worried sick. I do not want to lose out on the job opportunity. Please help me and let me know.

    Note: the urine left at Lab had enough color. It was not clear like water, therefore, uring color should not be an issue. Also, since urine did come from me, the urine was at right temperature, therefore, urine temperature should not be an issue.
  5. damntest

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    did you pass it?

    Please tell me that worked and you passed ...... I'm in exactly the same boat and mine will be this week ..... hope to stall until Friday which will be 7 days

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