Help With My Setup Please!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by ApolloHitz, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. ApolloHitz

    ApolloHitz New Member

    Hey guys im starting my first grow. yay for me but i have a question regarding ventilation. Ok So i wanna setup in this closet i have in my back room, its an open closet with the type shudder doors. but i pick the back room cus the ceiling opens up into my attic ( ceiling of the room not the closet) and i have a big exgust fan up there that we use every once in a while, that i thought could help move things around. I guess the people lived her before us did it for there kids, when u look a one of the walls in the room it looks like a ledge and the have a ladder u can climb up and go thru the rest of the attic. So its a big space im working with, but im only trying to grow 2-4 personal plants thats all in the closet of that room. so does any one have any tips on how i should setup my ventilation?
  2. ApolloHitz

    ApolloHitz New Member

    or should i be trying to grow in a more closed space?
  3. holyshid

    holyshid New Member

    Good ventilation, lots of lights. Important

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