Helpppppp!!! How in the world did I fail??????

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Willy0909, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Willy0909

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    Ok so I been smoking an average of about 8 grams a week Well I had a surprise drug test for probation I quit smoking like 2 nights B4 and didn't eat just drank water.

    I'm 5' 9 140lbs

    Night before
    2500ml x 2 of water

    Day of starting at 7am
    2500ml with 5 drops of bleach in water
    2500ml water
    2 litre of water with a half a cap of bleach
    A "total detox jazz" cleanse drink as directed with 2 bottles of water

    Tested at about 2:30pm
    Did the full pannel and passed all but the so he does a the by it's self and I still didn't pass it!!!!!! They sent it to the lab......
    I'm waiting on results!!!! How did all that now work I pissed like 20 times from when I started drinking
  2. Jeffinflorida

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    I always use fake
  3. digitalbeard

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    A quarter + a week and only two days off, that's pretty hard to beat even with dilution.

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