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  1. demonic

    demonic Sr. Member

    Is it legal to grow hemp plants in Florida?
    Do female hemp plants grow buds?
    Is there any THC in hemp plants at all?
    If there isn't any THC whatsoever, would hemp make a good alternative to tobacco for smoking?
    Can I grow hemp under the same indoor growing conditions as marijuana?
  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Yes - but why would you? Hemp is only good for individual growing if you want to eat the seeds or make a rope with it.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    No. It's not legal anywhere in the US.

    Of course. Without buds there would be no seeds. Without seeds, there'd be no next generation.

    Yes, but the standard for industrial hemp is less than 1% THC. Most are considerably less than that.

    It would be just as illegal as high-end bud without any of the benefits. THC seems to provide a protective effect against the carcinogens that arise from burning any plant material. Smoking hemp would probably support lung cancer, just as tobacco does.

    Yes, but why bother? You'd be spending a lot of money and risking arrest for something of almost zero value. Also, industrial hemp plants are tall and skinny, with few leaves. Unless you've got a fourteen-foot ceiling in your grow room, they'd be a little cramped.
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  4. demonic

    demonic Sr. Member

    Thank you Buzzby for the detailed response. :)

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