HI All! Need Info, Got some exact numbers!! Opinions/thoughts?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ut30days, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. ut30days

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    Hi Everyone!!

    Long time lurker, first time poster!! Anyway i got a question for you guys, like many i have a pre-employment drug test on friday at Labcorp!

    Last week (21 days clean) I sent a first-check drug test for GC/MS as i was getting faint lines, using my first void of the day(aka most concentrated). The test came back positive at 19ng/ml. :(

    My real labcorp drug test is on (day 30 clean) and i was just wondering what your opinions are? Am i going to be under the 15 ng/ml Cutoff by then??

    I did some research and found that THC has a half life of 1-10 days, so i am hoping by the 30th day it would have given me another half and gone down to 9.5ng/ml? I could be completely wrong but what are your thoughts?!

    I did send another test for GC/MS and hopefully i get a confirmation before my test on friday!

    Little bit about me, i used to be a seasoned toker about 1-2grams a week, before i put down the pipe to secure my job(Fresh out of college). I am 22, 6ft 140 pounds. Since day 1 of being clean i have been working out like crazy and staying hydrated. Medium-high metabolism.

    So what should i do? I am definitely going to dilute on the day off, but i can also get my hands on some quickfix (on a college budget, so would be cutting into my food money but ehh wth might aswell for this job) Only thing that worries me about quickfix is that i am not sure if they will also be doing a validity test?

    Thank You in advance!!
  2. bogo

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    most tests are 50ng not 15 who told you it was 15ng? If you fail the strip test it will be sent in to be retested with the GC/MS test and that's 15ng
    The 50ng on an immunoassay test as actually equivalent to the 15ng on the GC/MS.
  3. Buzzby

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    I don't think you'll have any problem passing, even without dilution.

    A word of advice: stop all the exercising and eat a bunch of fatty foods starting 3 days before your Labcorp test. Exercising releases THC metabolites stored in body fat. Eventually, these will move through your system and be excreted in urine. You don't want that happening when you are taking a piss test. Put your body into fat-storing mode instead of fat-burning mode. That will keep your THC metabolites as low as possible

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