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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Boom Duk, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Boom Duk

    Boom Duk New Member

    What's the difference between being "high" and "stoned"?
    And does things getting "trippy" mean? Does it mean hallucinate ir what?
  2. Geeno

    Geeno New Member

    If you have to ask...

    Id say you get high when youre new to weed. After a while you pretty much just get stoned all the time. High is like all giggly and weewooweewoo, stone is like "yo.... you wanna pass me the remote.... *food food food*"

    And trippy.. well, theres only way to find out the true meaning of trippy.

    edit: Btw, there is a better forum for this.
  3. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    Its sort of the other way around for me. Stoned is when I'm just OUT of it, and when I'm high I feel it all, but I would want more.

    I guess the point of it is, is that people use one word for different things.

    and usually when i say trippy its usually in reference to something that looks cool and weird, or an event that went down in a weird way. of course if you say, "I'm tripping!" that usually means your in a different world ;)
  4. TurbulentHigh

    TurbulentHigh New Member

    Stoned is a more mellow kind of high. High is more of a giggling type of trance. Stoned you do everything slow as ****. First you are high, then you are stoned unless you have excellent marijuana and you can become stoned instantly. Basically stoned is just really really high to the point where you are significantly slowed.

    - TurbulentHigh

    EDIT: Most people don't know the real terminology of anything related to marijuana so you see terms like chronic and stoned mis-used frequently. Also, most people don't really get hung up on terms, cuz we are pretty easy going folk.
  5. vaya

    vaya Activist

    'Trippy' refers to the effects of certain off-topic hallucinogenic drugs. Why people refer to weed as 'trippy' I am not sure. Perhaps certain aspects of it appear to be, at times, but overall, weed is not a trippy drug.
  6. TurbulentHigh

    TurbulentHigh New Member

    I agree, I believe "trippy" is a derivative from "triping". Triping is usually associated with off-topic hallucinogenic drugs. Anyone who says "trippy" in reference to marijuana probably doesn't understand the term.

  7. laylong

    laylong New Member

    man, if you have some really good weed it is possible to go on a little trp. It wont happen often, but god when it does its nice :cool:
  8. Oo_Jay_420_oO

    Oo_Jay_420_oO New Member

    To me high is like a party giggly high...And stoned is you get burned out, kind of sleepy and hungry...thats just me though.
  9. punx

    punx New Member

    i always thought it was the weed that decides if you're high or stoned.
    example. sativa and indica.
    i don't know about the other one, i'm not sure of the name even, its stronger or its special or something or another.
    so when the weed is mixed you get both high and stoned, most weed are mixed, the one people buy.

    to me high is when i want to move around and stoned is when i want to stay foot.

    i get hungry either way.
    and thirsty.
  10. Hendrix420

    Hendrix420 New Member

    Too me being High is Normal so you never know if I'm High or not because it's Normal. When I'm REALLY Stoned I feel like my Eyes are falling out and my Nose is running and you can just tell because My eyes are :eek: and someone will Laugh and well end up all Laughing for 10 Minutes straight for no Reason at all

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