high blood pressure and marijuana... bad?

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  1. ok... i have high blood pressure that kinda fluctuates a bit (im only 18 by the way!) i used to work out... but i haven't done much lately and i know i haven't been on a 'work out' schedule.. but i have been doing more than usual lately (instead of playin my starcraft game all day :)) i have been skating everywhere on my skateboard...
    anyway, my blood pressure is usually like 145/66 and then somedays its like 133/90 (which is my rare days after drinking which i have stopped cuz a day after drinking my heart beats really heart and fast when i first wake up--- never used to tho :bawl: ) anyway... does smoking pot raze your blood pressure also? because when i smoke, i get REALLY REALLY RAELLY REALLY REALLY hyper!!!! I MEAN HYPER!! ppl always laugh and tell me to shutu p and stuff and i go pretty much in my own world (and the amazing thing out of all of this is, that im a light weight!! :devil: so if i have a little bit (like 1 or 2-4 hits) i get MESSED up... anyway, i pretend that im like FBI or in the army or something and i go in my own world and stay hyper for awhile till i burn out and chill and listen to music. there are times when i get paranoid from the marijuana and i think that i am going to have a heart attack because of my high blood pressure... but.. still, i need to know (in conclusion) if having high blood pressure (slightly especially at my age) is bad when u smoke pot... can pot bring it down? can it bring it up? what about over time? i dont somke a lot... maybe a few times a month (not everyday but some weeks are different than others depending on how much is around). i think in total about every month i smoke like 2x-12x... can someone help me out? plz??/ thanks,

    JoHnNY ChRoNIC!! :cool:
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    Marijuana will effect your blood pressure. Some folks it will actually lower their bp. Unfortunately you do not appear in that category at this point in your life.

    If you are supposed to be on any medication or regimen,keep to it like a flea on a dog. Also, the effect of drinking alchol is going to be to dehydrate you and any dehydration will alos increase your bp, so keep drinking WATER and stay away from alchohol and caffein drinks (colas, Dr. P, etc.)

    Sucks? U Betcha...

    But give your self some more time for your body to grow into itself, enjoy the comraderie of your friends which is what its all about anyway, and ditch thepot for awhile. It's been around for a few billenia...it'll be here for a year or two more for you. And we'd like you around to enjoy it if tit's all the same.

    ~ have a cookie ;)
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    Great advice! I'd add that although no one has ever died because of marijuana - plenty of people die from high blood pressure - be HONEST with your physician! Your medical records are private, and your MD can NOT discuss your case with anyone else without your written permission. Your MD may be uninformed about marijuana, but chances are your MD is not uninformed about high blood pressure. Keep your doctor in the loop.
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    smoking anything makes ur heart work harder, wich in turn gives u higher blood presure, so to awnser ur question. Yes marijuana is a bad idea if u have high blood presure
    lol, wich ofcourse mambudz has al ready pointed out
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    Doesn't your blood pressure fluctuate all the time. My blood pressure when i go to the dr is around the same as your 144/77. But when i go the one of those do it your self at like longs drugs and its 109/76. I Think its due to me being nervous at the drs office lol :) Your too young to have high blood pressure.

  6. Barlow

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    I was going to ask this same basic question! I have to go to an md cos my BP was too high for my dot physical, and I can't drive til I get on a plan....
    I'm hoping to talk the doc into no meds unless absolutely necessary and rely on exercise, weight loss, and cutting out all bad stuff like salt, sugar, caffeine (waaa) red meat and dairy products. I hope the doc's not one of those who believes wholly in prescription drugs to solve all ills.
    A neighbor of mine has to monitor his bp w/ a home device, and the time I saw him do it he took a hit when he had the cuff on and the measurement went down! But it seems to accellerate my rate.:splat:
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    I have high Blood pressure, and I was honest with my Doc about smoking Marijuana. He said the only thing I have to worry about is becoming addicted...haha He said pot has no bad effect on a heart, all it does is slow it down. I started smoking pot because of my high blood pressure (before I was able to see a doc for my HBP), and it kept me calm and my BP was good. A normal blood pressure is 120/80-140/90 max anything over the 140/90 is high blood pressure. Oh yea 130/85 is pre-stage HBP. So I hope this helps. I smoke as often as you do and I'm good and doc is happy with my BP as well! :) Happy 420
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    Cannabis lowers blood pressure but raises heart rate. It's a trade-off.
  9. Dero

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    MJ lowers my BP like no pills that I've tried. However, if you have low BP u must be careful because very low BP can cause a stroke just like high can. My cardio knows I'm on medical MJ & he approves. He suggests I eat edibles rather than smoke, which I do.

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