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    Hey everyone,

    I really like to record everything I do in life so that it can be measured and recorded... I like to know everything about myself. I write down how much I eat and how much I drink. I measure my smoke and note it down in a journal.

    However, I've been having trouble recording my 'level of high'. It's a really complex issue, especially when stoned. I work on a scale of 1-100, but it's basically just a more detailed 1-10 scale.

    So I'm curious what your guys definitions of each point on the scale would be.

    I'm thinking that

    1: would be after you've taken maybe half a joint drag of some alright stuff.

    10: would be like one step before not being able to help falling asleep.

    But what would 5 be? 8?

    Actually... Looking at my notebooks, it looks like what I've written on the scale usually has more to do with my non-herb activities than with the quality/quantity of what I smoke... whatever.

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