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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by feble, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. feble

    feble New Member

    Hey i want 2 make one of those homemade pips, you know the ones that are like made out of material from the hardware store like pipes and stuff.. but i dont kno how or what materials i need...can someone help me out with instructions and materials please?:)
  2. SublimeStylee.

    SublimeStylee. New Member

    This is gonna be fun!!!! im making my first post some really good info

    ------spoilers on how to make a homemade pipe below---------------

    There are tons of threads on this topic, SEARCH
  3. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    double *poke*

    welcome to the both of you :D
  4. PhreshwaterPhunk

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    I'll say this in smilanguage...

    :goof: :wave: :xmas: :D
  5. Rugbee

    Rugbee Banned

    Here's a good way to make a home made gravity bong.

    First get a half gallon milk jug, cut the bottom off. second get a bucket and fill it with water, third get a piece of tine foil and make a screen with it then tightly wrap the foil around the top part of the milk jug and poke tiny holes in it with a pin or needle, next put the jug in the bucket and press it down, put you're bud on the ting foil then get a bic lighter and light the bud, then the jug will start filling with smoke making the jug rise up, take off the tin foil put you're lips on the top part of the jug slowly press down and inhale
  6. smokinstump

    smokinstump New Member

    As fun and nice it is to make and smoke out of homemade pipes and bongs. It is so much better to just go to the store and buy a nice glass one. Dont waste your time, unless you can't get any thing else. They are definitely worth the money. You can pick up a nice glass piece for around 20 bucks.
    Speaking of nice glass, it's time to go use mine.:D

  7. zoltron

    zoltron Banned

    Yeah man! Hit the hardware store!

    Oh man, this is the apparatus my friends & I got into making when we 1st started smoking weed...it's fun & creative, kinda like an arts & crafts project! And the 1st thing I can tell you is that there are no directions, no certain pieces to buy & just let your imagination work. Go to the plumbing section & check what pieces fit into what to make whatever size pipe you'd like...and while you're there, you can even get your screens from a faucet. Those places are a gold mine of pipe material, just walk around & see what might work...you can make as small as a 1 hitter all the way up to a party bowl!

    Enjoy your new-found hobby...I used to love doing that & back in 1970, there wasn't anything like PVC pipes, it was all heavy steel piping, so carrying it around was a b!tch.:D
  8. Donk

    Donk New Member

    You cant beat the pleasure of making your own pipe which fully works:p and can get quite ripe from it.
    True, bought pipes can work better but it aint the same as knowing your own hands made it.
    Heres one I made last week, just need to find a bowl and then im flying high:D

  9. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    Mod in Training:rolleyes:

  10. SublimeStylee.

    SublimeStylee. New Member

    Ooooo thank you barker, now if i only knew how to put that lil search icon thing, id be all set
  11. homeless

    homeless New Member


    just use your imaginatoion.. thats what i did.

    this is my homemade pipe.

    oh yeah. im new too, so hey
  12. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    ^^^^Homeless for a home made job that looks pretty nice.....

    what did you make it out of?

    Oh and welcome to cheaptalk to both pg you;)
  13. zoltron

    zoltron Banned

    Great job

    Beautiful job, Homeless [I hope you're not really]...that is a great looking pipe...what did you use for the bowl? That looks totally professional & not homemade at all...you could sell those easily...in fact, I'd buy 1...how much?
  14. BloodNOil

    BloodNOil New Member

    If you take the clip off, it looks VERY professional

    but then you cant disguise it as a pen when you have it in your pocket...
  15. Closet Pigs

    Closet Pigs New Member

    Yeah I noticed part of it being made out of a pen.
  16. Dommy

    Dommy New Member

    I actually got one off my friend a few days ago, its pretty ugly, but it works =P

  17. Shmuckle1313

    Shmuckle1313 New Member

    Makin a cheap homemade bong

    ALright man its your lucky day cause i was passing by and just happened to see your cry for help so i registered just to give you an answer. pipe honestly who cares, a bong is where its at. you want a pipe tho get a can of pop crush a dent on one side poke a couple holes and smoke from the lip. (beware of alsymers) [excuse my illiterate self] But you can easily make a bong at home i can give you a couple different examples of parts.

    (WARNING: avoid tape and glue)

    2 litre bottle of pop (soda)
    591 ml bottle, doesnt matter

    cable piece from television wire
    pen piece (plastic or metal) metals better

    you could even find an old copper tube thats not overly large and use tin foil(aluminum foil) and make a dip in the top to make a bowl and poke some holes in it with a saftey pin or sewing neddle

    hold a lighter about an inch and a half above the bottom of the bottle on the side and let it burn untill it melts a nice circular hole in the side (suitable for 1litre lower or raise for different sized bottles) make it small for now,construct your bowl and stem now by finding a way to attach the cable piece to the pen (dont forget to take the little spike out of it) and attach it to the end of the pen melt the whole untill its not quite bigg enough to fit the pen and while its still warm shove the pen in quick this will expand it to the perfect size to keep it air tight. point the pen thats inside the bottle downward so it is below the hole (so when you fill it with water the end of the pen is below water but the water doesnt touch the hole and leak out) then its down to makeing a choke (another hole higher up the bottle to help clear the chamber[chamber is the area within the bottle]) you can also make a slider this way but its risky.

    this is a very cheap way to make a bong that has the ability to rip a good hit.

    (placing the bowl lower and placing the choke an inch to the side and a half inch higher up can make a shotgun if made perfectly it will make you cough so hard you'll be high all day)

    if you really want a termendous smoking device ask me about how to make a homemade Lung(parachuete) i will have you and 3 buddies high off a gram. i find parachuetes get you higher off little weed and conserve it when your running low.

    if anyone has an problems or question about making or finding bongs and pipes or has any questions pot related you can direct them to yo_dawg13@hotmail.com if i can answer them i will be glad too....keep on smokin out there, it'll be legal one day

    Easy touqin!
  18. Shmuckle1313

    Shmuckle1313 New Member

    !-{[The Gravity Bong]}-!

    HEy everyone its me again comenting in the pipe making section. I have to say making a pipe that works as good as a store bought one is a win for me. but buying a pipe or bong is just as good if not better. Purple haze, THC are places in toronto you can go to to find all this. But i wanted to comment on......-{[The Gravity Bong]}-

    me and my buddies have done the gravity bong over and over, over the years and a better way to do it is get a huge gatorade bottle like one of the biggest ones you can find and burn a nice sized hole in the lid then put tin foil in a bowl shape in the hole then wrapping it down the sides and only slightly into the grooves that tighten on the lid, you might need to tape it. try not to have alot of foil going into the lids grooves it can be annoying.

    then burn a ciggarette sized hole right on the bottom then you fill it with water holding the hole on the bottom with your finger. Put your weed on the lid and hold the lighter over your weed and let the water Flow! as the watter drains out the gravity pulls air past the weed recreating pulling a hit effect you can get a MEan hit from this. Then unscrew the lid and give her hell man! this is more reusable then the other guys idea of putting the foil directly on the top without the lid it makes it faster and more reuseable.

    any questions yo_dawg13@hotmail.com i can help your need for weed.

    Easy Touq'in!
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  19. blazed24/7

    blazed24/7 New Member

    you can make a pipe out of a soda can and a needle easy cheap and effective.
  20. taratiarax3

    taratiarax3 New Member

    Aluminum fumes = early alzheimer's.:rolleyes:

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