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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Holographic77, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Holographic77

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    I just took an at home thc urine test. It was my first void of the day. I have abstained for two weeks, and have ran 4-5 miles/per week, along with weight training (as I have always done). I have a very fast metabolism.

    This first void of the day was very dark in color, and I subsequently went on to test it. RESULTS The (C)ontrol line was very dark pink/purple, the (T)est line was visible, albeit very very faint light pink.

    So is this a good sign? Should I still consider a light dilution (along with aspirin/rolaids/b2).

  2. stressedout2005

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    I recently have been through the same thing lately and a faint line is a good sign. A little dilution never hurts. When is your test? I had a light line and i believe i passed my test. It has been 2 weeks and no bad news so......... The test was 35536 sap10 50/300 GC/MS. Look at my post probably on 2nd page here. Clean 7 days but not a daily smoker. smoked on vacation about 4 days......My line got darker as days went by....I had a very very faint line on the 4th day clean. Had test on 7th day. Good Luck! Hope I could help!
  3. Holographic77

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    Thanks for the reply. Test is tomorrow. I been clean for 14 days, and as previously noted have a very high metabolism. Just to be safe, I think I will dilute slightly.

    So a very faint line (with color) is a good sign?
  4. Holographic77

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    I took another home test this evening, and a somewhat darker (pink/purple) line showed up, indicating a "negative". So I guess as the day goes on the THC metabolites count goes down, as your fluid/food intake goes up. Keep in mind that I didn't drink excessive ammounts of liquid, just your normal ammounts.

    Should I be in good shape for my real test this week, given the results of my home test?
  5. IamN2pot

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    You should be fine. Remember to post your experiance.

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