Homemade bong cleaning solution

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by 360gamer, Aug 9, 2011.

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    So I know of most of the ways to typically clean a glass piece, but would there be any negative effects to combining them (aside from unnecessarily using/wasting multiple products)? For instance, alcohol and salt with, say, lemon juice and vinegar? Obviously I won't be using commercial cleaner, but as long as I have salt, vinegar, lemon juice and isopropyl alcohol, is there any reason not to mix them?


    So I tried using 91% isopropyl with a little vinegar and a little water, and being that I was in a small room, it really stunk the place out. Wouldn't recommend anyone try that. Also, maybe I was doing it wrong but the rice just got soggy really fast and stuck to the inside of my bong. Took longer to get the rice out than it did the resin. Bleh
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    I don't see a problem with mixing them, as I've mixed much stranger things together trying to make the perfect concoction for bong cleaning.

    Honestly, this is all I do to clean my bong nowadays and they're always SPOTLESS.

    Start with the 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Isopropyl, add salt (sea salt with bigger crystals works better but they both work fine), you should be able to get everything out of the base of your bong and body tube that way. For sliders/precoolers and such, just submerge them in water in a decently sized pot, and heat on the stove with a medium-sized flame. Once the resin appears to be weakening, and staring to come off, scoop it out of the pot with a big spoon, or even a spatula lol (the glass wont be too hot to the touch, I promise). Then just use a pipe cleaner, paperclip, or a q-tip and scrape out the rest while running it under sink water. Never a single spec of resin left on any of my bongs after using this method.

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