Homemade Hash: Idea!

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by ConeRoller, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. ConeRoller

    ConeRoller New Member

    I apologise if this thread is in the wrong category, this is my first post.

    I am lucky enough to live in South Africa, where we have good weed at cheap prices all year round.
    However, we also have an incredibly cheap, incredibly dry, incredibly low quality bud known as Turries. It's composed mainly of stems, seeds, and flaky crumbly bud with a horrible taste. As a heavy smoker of good skunk/chronic (2-3 times a day) this weed has very little effect on me. To illustrate the quality, imagine weed that is composed 2 thirds of stems and seeds, and about 1-2% THC. No crystals whatsoever are visible. The only benefit, is that this weed is sold for the equivalent of about 8-10 US$ an OUNCE.
    Hash around here is sold for around 10$ a gram, and i was wondering if this incredibly low quality bud could be reduced to hash somehow? I'm going to try making tincture with surgical alcohol, as well as trying icewater separation in a blender.
    The idea came to me after a friend used this bud to make muffins, which got 5 of us VERY stoned, for less than 10$ :)
    Any ideas, or thoughts/predictions on what will happen? Can this be done IYO? If not hash, then maybe hash oil?
  2. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Hash and a tincture are two completely different things..Hash and bubble hash, is just the crystals basically.I have heard you can get a kilo or bud for stupid cheap in africa.

    If your going to make a ticture, butter, milk stuff like that will and should all be easy to extract the thc from small or large amounts of weed.The tincture should bea great idea for you with the shitty weed.

    Bubblke ice water hash is really not made in a blender,You need the bubble bags, or at least printer mesh stuff.Which you can also get a lb of the shitty weed there, get some drum sticks, and the printer mush, and sit and beat the hell out of the weed in the mesh, then make brick hash, or whatever with..

    Bubble hash or dry hash is also a good idea, but if there are almost no visable crystals it's kind of pointless..
  3. CabinetGrower

    CabinetGrower New Member

    When people use trimmings for hash do they use just the bud trimmings or all the leaves?
  4. ConeRoller

    ConeRoller New Member

    all of it. because trichomes may have fallen onto the leaves.
  5. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    You might be able to make hash oil??? I'm not really sure tbh, idk if the trichomes need to be there for the solvent to absorb the THC or if the solvent absorbs the THC from the plant matter.... perhaps someone can give you a clearer answer on this???
  6. CabinetGrower

    CabinetGrower New Member

    What would be the best option since I dont have those bubble filters and I have a pretty small plant
  7. marlienme

    marlienme New Member

    butane honey oil.. search butane extraction.. or try using alcohol to extract the thc through pouring it in a jar and shaking it for five minutes then strain the alcohol that contains the thc from the stems and bud in a pyrex pot and set that on top of a pot of boiling water over low heat.. the alcohol will evaporate over a few hours and you'll be left with golden flakes of pure thc
  8. marlienme

    marlienme New Member

    butane extraction and alcohol extraction are attracting the thc chemicals in the plant tissue as well as the trichomes to come join them in an easier solution.. imagine you living in a house that is cluttered with so much shit you can't get around, then someone offers you another place to live for free and it's easier to move around and live in.. well you'd leave in a heart beat.. chemicals don't have a brain so when something is easier they jump to it.. so all you are doing is attracting the cannabinoids chemically to leave the plant matter and stay in the solvent.. as the solvent evaporates away the cannabinoids can't leave with it, they stay in the pan and take their solid shape.. you can use this for any kind of weed god or bad

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