Homemade Onehitters

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Etheral_Filcher, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Etheral_Filcher

    Etheral_Filcher New Member

    So, I am fairly new to the MJ scene, and would like to make a SAFE one hitter (no pen one hitters), or pipe but I don't know how.

    could anyone help me out and tell me how to make a pipe/one hitter???

  2. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    Small socket attached to a steel/copper tube?
  3. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    I don't know where you live, but I doubt it's somehow that doesn't have at least one headshop around SOMEWHERE.

    One-hitters only cost like $10-$15. Why not buy one? It would be much better quality than anything you could make on your own, and would last longer as well most likely.
  4. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Agreed. Plus you could get a nice dugout to go along with it.
  5. Etheral_Filcher

    Etheral_Filcher New Member

    well, I would buy one, but the closest headshop Is about 2 1/2 hours aways, and with my busy schedule I don't really have time to go.......
  6. Neilio

    Neilio New Member

    my dad always just drills a hole through a bolt then uses a larger bit to bore out a "bowl" into the head of the bolt, we have a drill press though so that makes it easy, i wouldnt try it with a regular drill unless you have a good vise to hold it in and a sharp bit
  7. UncleJohnsBand

    UncleJohnsBand New Member

    get a 3-4 inch long 1/4 inch stainless steel pipe at a hardware store for like 10 cents and pinch it about a quarter inch from the tip. or you can just jam a screen in it. that makes it adjustable too. can be a one hitter or a 2 hitter or a 3 hitter or a 4 hitter.... you get the idea
  8. replica

    replica New Member

    I have one made from a an all metal pen, no melting. And I put some electrical tape on the mouthpiece so i don't burn my dumb self. It's good in a pinch when I don't wanna break out the bong or bowl.

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