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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Freakish, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Freakish

    Freakish New Member

    Homemade Smoking Devices= BIG FUN

    For some reason, I have always preferred homemade bongs and pipes. I think its because making an interesing bong is another sort of creative outlet and its great to take a big hit off that bong that you FINALLY got to work right.

    So what is the best/worst/ingenious/most creative smoking device that you have made?

    My favourite has to be my little bong thing made out of a pill bottle. Its really simple but what makes it my favourite is the fact that it is really small and portable...its a cute pocketsize bong:p
    Also, on the label of the bottle it says something like 'We have no idea what the contents of this bottle will have on your subconcious, take this tablet at your own risk'.
    Its hard to describe how I made it so I drew a crappy picture, but the finished product looks like it shouldnt work but it does. (My friends laughed at it until they saw me take a hit :D )
  2. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    I made one exactly like that out of a bottle of my epilepsy medicine.
    The best homemade device I ever made was a 3 chamber 3 traffic cone bong.
    Two of the chambers were those orange short traffic cones and the main one was one of those really tall straight ones.
  3. bc_budz420

    bc_budz420 New Member

    THat must rip!!! THe best homade device i made was a add on for my real bong. IT was an extra chamber made out of a 2 liter bottle. ITs hard to explain but i worked very good.
  4. t0ker

    t0ker New Member

    The best homemade smoking device I ever made was a bong made out of a 2 liter bottle. There was a stem in the side with the bowl off of my pipe, and a carb. You just took a hit from the opening at the top...

    edit: I wanted to draw a picture, but it got all ****ed up so i i just erased it

    That sh!t ripped so good. Me and my friend were smoking out of it in his garage, and we both took 2 monster hits each, so I'm fried, and I take the bong into his house. I feel like I'm gonna pass out, so I just put the bong somewhere and colapse on the couch. So then my friend stumbles in, and askes me where the bong is. And I really couldn't remember, so we looked around, and all of the time it was right in front of us on the table, but we were too baked to see it. So anyway, we found it, and it was pretty cool. :p
  5. Herb Ninja

    Herb Ninja Seasoned Activist

    My friend built a bong out of a film container. We could put ice cubes in it and all, but it didn't last long. Best bong I ever made was out of a glass bottle.
  6. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    im trying to make one out of a galliano sambucca bottle, for those of you who dont know theyre a glasss bottle shaped like a tall thin cone... its a real biatch to drill a hole through the glass though.

    once i can get it right that baby will rip :cool:
  7. soybomb

    soybomb Marijuana Guru

    I agree, making homemade bongs is great fun. My favorite had to be the first time my friends and I smoked out of a gravity bong. It was spring break 2001 at my friend's house. The first hit I took was massive, I have never taken a bigger rip in my life. It was schwag and I coughed for like 10 minutes. I drank tons of water and started eating cheese puffs when all of a sudden the high kicked in. I was so stoned off of that one rip. We ended up smoking a lot more and I was ridiculously ripped. What a day. :D
  8. camd0g1

    camd0g1 New Member

    you can buy special drill bits made for drilling through glass bottles easy peasy, any hardware store should stock them
  9. lessness

    lessness New Member

    Re: Homemade Smoking Devices= BIG FUN

    hahahah your drwing is soooooooo fujking funnny hahahahha
    lookm like a 3 yo kindergarden kid bong project.hahahahah

    i'm sooo baked now i keep imaging this kid showing the drawing to his teach and saying "heres my little homemade bong" hahahah
    is the worst drawing ever hahahahah hhiiiiiiiihhhiiiiiiiiii

    sorry man but i'm sure tomorrow it aint be funny but right now hhaaaaahahahahahhahahahah
  10. Freakish

    Freakish New Member

    'i'm sooo baked now i keep imaging this kid showing the drawing to his teach and saying "heres my little homemade bong" hahahah'

    Heheh, thats pretty funny, I suck at drawing in MS paint. I cant use a mouse with my left hand so I have do draw with my right hand...but I am left handed.... and it doesnt help the fact that I'm 3 years old :(

    Oh yeah... how do you make an extra chamber on a bong? I dont get how they work...

    Its hard being 3
  11. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    double filtered bong

    this should explain how it works... a badly drawn picture says a thousand words

  12. glasyalabolas

    glasyalabolas New Member

    I've tried to drill holes in glass bottles, but every time I do it always cracks. I try not to put pressure on it, and let the bit do the work (i use the special glass drill bit), but it either never bites or shatters 1/2 way through. Anyone have any drilling technique they'd like to share?

    The craziest thing I've ever smoked out of was this "concept bong" my brother (he's an engineer and thinks of all this wack sh!t all the time) and I built... It is in essence a triple-chambered dual filtered pump action gravity bong with a balloon that inflates as you pump the smoke into it. Then you detach the balloon and take in the MONSTER hit. Still working out the kinks, but I'm going to patent it when we do it right. Everything will work perfectly eventually, it leaks just a bit right now here and there. It's just hard to get stuff airtight when you have so many seals and valves and not much in the way of professional equipment.
  14. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    Trombone mouthpieces make the PHATTEST bowls!
  15. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    tuba ones are even phatter ;)
  16. soybomb

    soybomb Marijuana Guru

    Sousaphone bowls are the fattest. :D
  17. Poison

    Poison New Member

    gravity bong

    the tighest thing that me and my friends made was a gravity bong made out of a milk jug with a trombone moputhpeice. My dealer came over had alot of bud shake and loaded up 4 bolws and it helped really well because we had a little lighter torch so it lit it up so fast.

    Before that day i was a boy and now i am a man.
  18. funinthesun

    funinthesun Guest

    when i was in the army, we had to use rental cars for a mission we were assigned to. we had a motorpool and everything for them. anyway, because the mp's used dogs everywhere, we couldn't get caught with anything. we'd go off somewhere in the woods and park. then we'd use the cigarette lighters as hash bowls. took us a little while to learn just how much to break off and drop on the red, hot coil. just inhale the smoke through the nose. no residue, no nothing. never got busted and always had a bowl. and what a hit.
    hash-under-glass, anyone? now that's sweet!
  19. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    one day im gonna make a pipe out of a tuba mouthpiece and a digeridoo, thats would be one fat ass pipe
  20. EeJay

    EeJay Senior Member

    Around here, home made bongs are culture. I can make up a fully airtight bong in under 30 seconds provided I have the right tools infront of me.

    I use a drink bottle (powerade is my personal fav. 600mL), and a garden hose (about 15-20cm). All you gotta do is, make a hole for the stem, a bit smaller than the hose, and then while still melting hot, push the hose through and there should be no gaps. Make a hole for the shotty. Pack a cone and push it into the hose, so it doesn't fall out.


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