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  1. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    I want to make a pipe out of some materials i can find at home. i sold my bowl so i could buy some weed and i need to make myself a pipe. i dont have any money to go buy a pipe. are aluminum pipes any good? im not about to use a popcan. i hate using papers. anyone got some suggestions? any help is appreciated.
  2. huh?

    huh? New Member

    fugg metal

    aluminum pipes are good if you want alzheimers at a young age

    Get a chunk of wood that could be pipe size and find a drill, carefully make a bowl with the drill (I find this easier than whittling the bowl, I always cut myself and go GRRRRR). Then drill from the smoking end just to the bowl, but don't go all the way through and make a shotgun for a dinky homemade wood pipe. I make little wood pipes like this once in a while, I usually only smoke out of them by myself though because if I am with buds we will likely have a better peice between us. Then when you are super jones'n you can saw the pipe in half and get ALL the resin (if you smoke that tar crap, I do!...when I'm outta money for too long, or when dealers are outta bud for too long, ok ok it's usually the first one). You might need a saw to make your hunk of wood pipe shaped. I use a hunk about this size and a little less than an inch deep:

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    Then go to McD's or a suitable alternative's bathroom and steal a screen outta their sink (or ruin your own at home) - prolly need a key to get it out. Burn the **** out of it before smoking through it to get all the nasty inhalable metals outta the picture.

    Then you can whittle the smoking end narrower or do whatever you like to shape it.
    Very simple and effective enough, especially for free!
    Plus I even like the taste of wood pipes better than metal.
    Hope this helps, cheers!

    PS.crap that second line of the hunk should be at the other end but it does something to it when I post it, so imagine I made a rectangle, cheers!
  3. urban-ninja

    urban-ninja Guest

    Quicker, faster

    I have to argee, wood is very tasty. I love smoking out of a tobbaco pipe. Anyway, make a pipe out of a bic pen, and an f-connector. An f-connector is the metal piece on the end of the wire that give you cable. You can buy them cheap at any electronics or home sore. You just have to take out the metal pin and plastic gasket, theres your bowl. It convinietly fits on the end of an emptied bic pen. Its very stealth.
  4. what type of metal is the connector made out of?

    bad metals :
    galvonized steel

    good metals:
    (insert more here)

    hope that helps.

  5. KWhite

    KWhite Guest


    ..that you should ask..*Polishing his fingernails on his shirt*
    I make pipes, the local headshop actually sells them for me.
    A the metals list above is very good, and huh? also had some very good points.
    Avoid pine, you will most likely burn it.
    Hickory, oak, briar, maple most of the harder woods work very well.
    If you can carve, birch is good to work with, but does not take a stain well.
    If staining, I use fruit juices for reds, beeswax for lustre, unless I want a really brilliant shine, if som be careful and never lacquer the inside of the bowl or stem *A wad of paper shoved in before the application works admirably.
    Other methods
    shove a pencil through a: apple, potato, cucumber
    then shove the same pencil through the top until you meet the other hole. of these apple works the best, nice flavor.
    Use a screen, NOT a galvanized screen, brass is best and most head shops sell them, if not, stell window screen works fine if not galvanized!

    Have fun.
    if you actually carve some, post some pics, I would be professionally interested.
    *If y'all ever come to visit.. I have pipes all over the durned house.. *Sigh* gotta have something to do with my time*
  6. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist


    what about the screens from the sink facet? what does galvanized mean?
  7. mriggs1

    mriggs1 Banned

    galvanized is when a metal..usually iron...is coated with nickel or any other metal so it won't rust:) i think faucet screens are brass.....not sure thought..well hope u have fun makin a pipe:):D
  8. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    i made one

    i just made this pretty tight pipe. i used a plastic pen shaft, a socket from a socket wrench, some assorted parts from an old hose nozzle, and some medical tape. i was wondering what i should do about a screen. could i use the type of screen that comes from screen doors and windows?
  9. Saney

    Saney Guest


    Hey kelly.. mail me one of those pipes all over your darned house :) PM me for my addy if you really wanna :)

    Peace and sox?
  10. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist


    "se a screen, NOT a galvanized screen, brass is best and most head shops sell them, if not, stell window screen works fine if not galvanized! "

    what does galvanized mean?!?!? i have no clue! how do i tell galvanized from not galvanized?!?!?
  11. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    i really need some feedback here. i dont wanna be smoking with the toxic screens. whats galvanized and how do i tell what's not galvanized?
  12. mriggs1

    mriggs1 Banned

    Like i said before galvanized is when a metal usually iron is coated with another metal like nickel...most screens on doors are glavanized aluminum or iron...and i tried to use thats stuff one time and it tasted like $hit..DO NOT USE SCREENS FROM A SCREEN DOOR...go to a hardware and just buy regular faucet screens they are made from brass....or go to a headshop and buy some
  13. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    i tiried the screen from the screen door without weed in the bowl to see if it tastes funny... it didnt taste funny but i fell apart in the bowl when i heated it... so this isnt the greatest idea. im jus gonna go down to the local hardware shop and buy some faucet screens. thanks for your input.
  14. lxl Ash lxl

    lxl Ash lxl New Member

    the screen in most modern windows and doors is some kind of fiber, not metal. i can tell because the cat claws our screens and the fibers break very easily. our doors have plastic screens too.

    if they are in fact metal.. use your best judgement.

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