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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by hakkalugi, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    Whats up boys? Im new here and i just finished my wood pipe i just made :) I just finished the honey in the bowl to fireproof it. And mineral oil so its waterproof, pics were taken before the honey/oil.


    I can wait to smoke some reggie bush thru it. I dont smoke a lot but i figured wood is better then tinfoil, as i broke a lot of glass pipes so i dont bother with them and have no where to hide a bong. I dont like smoking joints, i think home made pieces and bongs are way more relaxing, a wood pipe seems perfect for me. I'd like to grow my own kush but no where to hide/plant it :(... I smoked some really good stuff last night, 3 hits was all i had but i was pretty high from it. Haha Hakk is here :)
  2. CS&N

    CS&N New Member

    I'd srtongly advise against the mineral oil. I dont know about the honey, but I've worked with mineral oil before, and its certainly something that I would never use on something that im putting fire to and inhaling through.
  3. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    whys that?!
  4. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    I looked it up and glad i did before i used it! Im safe if its on the inside and not getting inhaled, i cleaned the inside out reallllll good with rubbing alcohol and then more honey. Burned the honey out of it and now my pipe tastes good :) I should be fine for the mineral oil.
  5. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    Alright, heres the final product. I added the tube so you dont get to hot of smoke, the tube doesnt burn/get hot so it will be safe....I hope. :) Looks clean., its light and durable, the tube can be taken off easily, im not sure if i should put a screen in or not, i dont know how i would attach it.

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  6. nik12937

    nik12937 New Member

    That's very well done! Wooden pipes aren't easy to make no matter what the design, so props! Plus I like the little carb on the top, does it hit smooth with the tube attached?
  7. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    hits very smooth with the tube attached, i started making a few more, and selling them to friends for like $15, i made these ones a little longer so the tube isnt necessaary, i only made mine small because i wear tight pants and usually only caryy a full bowl around in a small bag inside the bowl itself so it hard to see. My new favorite smoking device!
  8. 2InTimeOfPeace&War

    2InTimeOfPeace&War New Member

    thats awesome. but what did you use as the bowl and howd you get it in there? lol
  9. lolife

    lolife New Member

    its a solid chunk of wood, he didnt put anything in, he just carved it out. that takes some skill hah
  10. hakkalugi

    hakkalugi New Member

    I carved it out with a dremel attachment. Check out my other bowl it hits way better!
  11. Twismic

    Twismic New Member

    Props! If it works well, then by all means! Looks a bit rough though, but I know how hard it is to carve one. I have a whole collection of them at home. Lining the stem hole up with the bowl is the hardest part. Out of curiosity, how do you apply the honey? I have never done that before. I always pre-cake it in with a dremel stone attachment which singes the wood inside the bowl, which prevents it from burning.
  12. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    My friend made sometihng simialer to that but he didnt fireproof the bowl so it tasted like bar b q when smoking from his piece. His was basicly a wooden spoon pipe with the carb on the side of the bowl but the made the bowl and the body of the pipe from 2 different pieces of wood and then put the filter between the 2 pieces and wood glued em together.
  13. tokin'prop19

    tokin'prop19 New Member

    do you know what kind of wood you used on the bowl? it's really cool, i'm thinking about making one like it!
  14. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    You should use a wood type that does well as a pipe and is safe to use. Some woods aren't safe. Briar is the best, but good luck finding any. Other good wood types are maple, cherry, white ash, plum and elderberry.

    Applying honey to the inside of the bowl is an excellent way to glaze it. With the right wood and decent care, a wood pipe can last for decades.
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  15. WoodStoke

    WoodStoke New Member

    Hey im kinda new here, just made my first wood pipe kinda like hakkalugi's but im not finished yet. I was wondering what to do with the honey. i cant find anywhere to tell me what to do. Do i put it in there and then burn it out or what? help please
  16. tombarney

    tombarney New Member

    I am tooling up to make some wood pipes.
    I bought some briarwood blocks and some maple, walnut, cocobolo, bocote, pau amarillo (yelloheart), padauk, bubinga, camaru (Brizilian teak), Borneo rosewood and wenge.

    For tempering the bowl mix honey with tobacco ash and a little water to make a paste.Rub the paste in the bowl then smoke a few bowlfulls slowly, not letting the cherry get to hot.
    To finish the exterior of the pipe rub in some carnuba wax, let it dry several hours then buff it out.

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  17. 3merica

    3merica New Member

    i like it man good job
  18. 3merica

    3merica New Member

    nice it looks good
  19. Haze24

    Haze24 New Member

    For the honey glaze do u have to mix it with tobacco..... I am not a big fan of tobacco its way worsr for u than bud... I stick with the ganja bro... So can u just use honey and water or somethin?
  20. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    I like both of the pipes pictured

    Does anyone have an idea if pecan wood is safe to use? I figure it would be since some people smoke meat with it.

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