Honey blunts = bad?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by TheClash, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. TheClash

    TheClash New Member

    My sister told me not to smoke honey blunts because the honey crystalizes in your lungs. Anyone know if this is true?
  2. Dylan Smoker

    Dylan Smoker New Member


    what is a honey blunt?
  3. brd

    brd New Member

    ehhh i dont know about that one. theres been rumors before that blunt wraps put holes in your lungs and stuff but i highly doubt that. and while i guess it is a feasible idea, i dont really think there is enough realy honey in one to do that to you.

    and dylan, a honey wrap is a blunt wrap, made for rolling blunts, flavored like honey. there's also like chocolate and plain and stuff
  4. noyerva4u

    noyerva4u New Member

    i've heard that as well.
  5. DaGoodness

    DaGoodness New Member

    If honey blunts put holes in your lungs swishers do too. Just a stupid rumor, but both blunt wraps and sweets tear up your lungs because it is tobacco. Safer to smoke bong bowls. But i smoke a blunt or two a day and im fine. but when i smoke cigs for like a week straight the really mess up my lungs.
  6. EFFeX2G

    EFFeX2G New Member

    guys thats NOT what a honey blunt is! a honey blunt is a blunt OR wrap that is instead of licked is coated lightly WITH honey, we do it all the time, it makes the blunt burn twice as slow, but just as nice!! it's a great idea... i think that's what he means, like when it gets inhaled, kna mean?
  7. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    If all those rumors were true do you really think they'd be on the market?
  8. TheClash

    TheClash New Member

    no no, you're all misunderstanding. I'm talking about when you take a little bit of honey and rub it on your blunt a little. Does the honey crystalize in your lungs?
  9. EFFeX2G

    EFFeX2G New Member

    yea that's what i was trying to explain... i dunno man, i smoked a lot of honey blunts, i haven't had trouble yet. i actually don't roll them anymore though, too messy
  10. biggdaddybongs

    biggdaddybongs New Member

    i've never heard that one from anyone around my way.....good luck in your search!!!:confused: :chokin: :chokin:
  11. ChronicMasta

    ChronicMasta New Member

    after all summer long of blutn wraps i was coughing up blood, NOT a pleasant experience. I had bad chest pains too....
    so i quit for a while let the lungs heal and now all i toke from ios my glass pipe and joints with he occasional blunt, but i personnaly don't trust blunt wraps.
    i don't smoke cigarettes either and the chest pains and blood coughing up.. started only after smoking blunt wraps.... my advice if u want a blunt do it the real way., they use all kinds of additives on blunt wrap paper.. atleast thast what my doctor told me ..
  12. ChronicMasta

    ChronicMasta New Member

    i don't know about the honey blunts but i used to smoke them with no problems but they may also have contributed to the problems i posted in my previous post.

    they just taste so good and burn slow.. but yea burning sugars, is not a good idea..
  13. EFFeX2G

    EFFeX2G New Member

    yea, basically put it this way... do u want to inhale burnt sugar?

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