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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by gfish15, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    i bought a hookah for my bday and i was wondering with the large clay bowl the holes are a little big is there any way i can smoke just weed out of it and get the same vaporizing experience with the coal. if i put like just weed then foil then coal would that work.

    if so are there smaller clay bowls you can buy with smaller holes?
  2. ZephyrEire

    ZephyrEire Guest

    It can work, but really that's not what you want to be doing with your green.
    Especially the idea of using the hookah with just herb is not a good one, and here's why. The shisha tobacco is bigger in mass and and in long leaves than pot, so that's why the holes are bigger, to allow more airflow. Using only weed in the hookah's big bowl will result in 1. weed falling through the holes 2. over-burning of where the coal's heat is hottest, and an uneven burn on the rest and 3. a general loss of smoke by virtue of just how far the smoke has to go to reach your lungs.

    Also, you're not "vaporizing" anything using a hookah, not in the way a vaporizer does. The coal is still burning whatever is under the foil in the end.

    Bottom line, either mix your green with some shisha (at least half shisha at that), or the preferable choice if you ask me, use a bong or piece. You're going to get a lot more bang for your buck that way. I like hookahs, and I like weed, but combining them in my experience has never been a good match for the frugal smoker.
  3. Tired of Sex

    Tired of Sex New Member

    friend and i used an absolute shitload of weed with half shisha in his hookah but i wouldn't recommend it. bongs are way better
  4. rabid staples

    rabid staples New Member

    I don't understand (apart from the fact that the holes in a hookah are big) why you guys think hookahs aren't fit for smoking weed?
  5. VaporizorMariJ

    VaporizorMariJ Sr. Member

    Zephyr pretty much sum'd it up dude...

    Hooka's are built for flavoured tabacco... Yes you can smoke weed in a hooka... You just dont get the same bang for your buck that a bong will give you...

  6. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    Haha i actually have to disagree, we smoked weed out of our hookah for like a year and a half. It seemed like it took less weed to get more people fucked up. But I wouldn't recommend having it full of weed, the coals are EXTREMELY hot, so they burn the weed up pretty bad if it was a pure bowl. And yea there are smaller bowls you could use but they may not fit on your hookah. What does it look like? ha we've gone through a few of them so far. But yea dude, just put in a layer of tobacco, then a weed layer, then a small tobacco layer and your set dude! Ha It's SO fun too, because there is so much thick smoke, and you can really get some good smoke rings! It's fun man, enjoy! It's really chill too!
  7. VaporizorMariJ

    VaporizorMariJ Sr. Member

    ^ are u sure it just didnt seem like you were using less weed because theres a bunch of you pitching?

    I own a nice collection of paraphenalia - hooka, bongs, vaporizor, pipes, bubblers etc...

    And I know in my own experience if im going to have a personal session the hooka is not the choice for preserving.... its more like a treat every so often when I feel like smoking alot of weed, I would either use the hooka or a blunt on occations.

    For preserving... Gravity bongs and the Vaporizor are where I go.

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