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  1. imported_feble

    imported_feble New Member

    Whats a hookah...really wierd word if you ask me. But what is it?
  2. imported_medizone

    imported_medizone Sr. Member

    A Hookah is a device used to allow more than one people to smoke from it at once.. It works like a bubbler usually, some are water cooled, and has tubes sticking out of it for people to take hits from. You could probably do an image search on google or something if you want to see what they look like.


    I just did a google search and came up with this site

    It should explain everything :)
  3. imported_feble

    imported_feble New Member

    wow ive been smokn out of one of those a long time and didnt even kno it!
  4. Dragonflyhigh

    Dragonflyhigh New Member

    ha.. Go figure :rolleyes:
  5. hawkhigh_pierce

    hawkhigh_pierce New Member

    in Alice in Wonderland - the caterpilar is smoking out of a hookah :laugh:

    i find that smoking a hookah is much more economic. with about $10 worth or half a nug - you can keep it going for half an hour with 7 people hittin it. the secret is to heat up a piece of coal to a certain degree so that the cherry doesnt burn out too fast.
  6. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    You must be getting very thin hits if 10 dollars worth is lasting 30 minutes. Imagine how much each person is getting, just with math alone.

    Hookahs are usually used to smoke cancer-causing leaves, often flavored.
  7. hawkhigh_pierce

    hawkhigh_pierce New Member

    ^no way man!^ you can get as much as your lungs can take! if you read what i said: you have to heat up a piece of coal with a blowtorch, then place it on top of the bowl

    i guess i must have been using a different kind of hookah - you can put anything in the bowl but i just use MJ. maybe ill try to find a pic of the one i used and post it here
  8. imported_medizone

    imported_medizone Sr. Member

    do you put barbeque charcoal in your bowls? Sorry if I'm missing something but that's what it sounds like to me. If that's the case, then the reason it lasts for so long is that you're burning coal too, I think. I don't know if that's what you're doing or not because I might just be misunderstanding your posts, but inhaling coal smoke doesn't sound very healthy to me. weiisky is right about hookahs normally being used for carcinogenic leaves; they were very common a long time ago in India, where they were used to smoke said leaves. A headshop in my town has had this huge hookah in stock for years now.. I could fit at least a fat 1/4 of fluffy nugs in the bowl. It's like $130 but the biggest reason I can't get it is that it's too big/hard to hide. They sell it packaged with a big pouch thing of flavored tobacco that has indian writing all over it.
  9. hawkhigh_pierce

    hawkhigh_pierce New Member

    hmm lots of confusion around this...

    it was once, half a year ago at a friend of a friend's place so ill try to remember details..

    no im sure its not bbq coal that would be stupid; its some kind of coal he picked up from a store, its cylindrical. the hookah was made out of a vase im pretty sure, so its custom made. maybe the coal was placed on top of the metal bowl not touching the nug(s), therefore heating up the metal and not getting incorporated into the hit. all i know is that i wouldnt have smoked it if i was getting charcoal in my lungs. well since we dont have all the facts about this method i guess its pointless arguing

    ESDFSFD New Member

    nothing to see here
  11. imported_bcbud420

    imported_bcbud420 New Member

    i didnt know you had to use coals for a hookah, cant you just light it like you would a pipe or bong?


    :cool: Hookah's are now my favorite hobbies. I'm pretty sure it came from india or from an arabian country. I HIGHLY HIGLY want you guys to try out the flavored tobbaco's, there's a lot of flavors like cherry, strawberry, watermelon, apple, etc. It taste so good and so smooth, even non-smokers won't cough, also you can take ginormous hits on the hookah. :trippy:

    With a hookah you can get more out of your ganja than you can with pipes or bongs.
  13. voltion

    voltion Banned

    I own an authentic arabian hookah and apple flavoured sheesha, I used it once and gave up. It just tastes like normal baccy but is a ***** to light. Sure it's good for social things to show of a bit, and yeah once you fill the bowl full of weed (which can easily hold 1/8th) you can get damn high, but no way does a hookah get more out of your weed compared to a bong.


    how did you light the hookah?

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