How can I, as an individual, help make marijuana legal?

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  1. Mr_Kush

    Mr_Kush New Member

    I am doing a 6-8 minute speech on legalizing (not decriminalizing) marijuana. I need to talk about how I, as an individual, or anybody else in the class, can personally do to legalize it. For example joining the "marijuana movement" if there is such thing, or become a pro-marijuana activist. But I need to be specific.

    Can anybody point out any organizations that individuals can join to protest? Any links would be helpful too. SWED!
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  2. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    Well, I don't know how old you are but if you are over 18, you could run for municipal office. Then in a few years some higher position until eventually you have a say in the legislative process.
  3. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Marijuana Law Reform - NORML
    Drug Policy Alliance Network: Alternatives to Marijuana Prohibition and the Drug War
    LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Cops Say Legalize Drugs

    Those three groups are at the forfront of the marijuana leglaiztion movment. I'd suggest reading wha tthey have to say, and going from there.....
  4. Cosmic_Smoke

    Cosmic_Smoke New Member

    You can donate to organizations like norml. With that money they can loby congress better. You can also donate to members of congress (or people running for congress) who specifically introduce marijuana bills and or support them. On a smaller level you can educate your friends. Over the years I personally have convinced dozens of people to start smoking pot, and they now like it. Then those people may do the same for a dozen of their friends.
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  5. IndiStoner

    IndiStoner New Member

    We need people to educate the nation that its not MJ that is bad.. its the people who give it a bad name.. MJ done in moderation can never lead to something drastic.
  6. MWbuddyMW

    MWbuddyMW New Member

    uhhh....might want to edit that part and say "Marjiuana in moderation", not "things"
  7. Mr_Kush

    Mr_Kush New Member

    Cool thanks. I am 22 years old and this is for a college speech class so pretty much everybody is 18+.
  8. Ell

    Ell New Member

    Personally, my band put on a benefit show for our local NORML chapter to raise funds so they could lobby a bill in our state and we even went to lobby state level officials with them. Your time is worth alot as well.
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  9. PaperzFTW

    PaperzFTW New Member

    how marijuana is not a kill drug
  10. Brokenlies420

    Brokenlies420 New Member

    IM doing alot in my power to express my rights as a stoner i try to push it in school alot and just spread the message everyone! Write to people in power! Do research!! peace and pot
  11. Budboy7

    Budboy7 New Member

    It should really be legal by now. Stupid people lol. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!**
    - I'm all for! :)
  12. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    I don't understand why Marijuana isn't legal right now. Other psycho active things such as alcohol and things the doctors prescribe are legal through a prescription. Marijuana is the one that won't hurt you yet I could do prison time for having an ounce on me! The anti marijuana activists fall back on the same line that kids could get it. Well, kids can get it weather it's legal or not just like alcohol and tobacco products. I say just legalize marijuana so I don't have to pay top dollar if and when it's available.
    I think it's one of those petty difference things which used to be so common. The people that are against weed probably never tried it or make up horror stories about it.
    Maybe posting a lot of positive facts about Marijuana on youtube would educate people about the benefits of smoking marijuana. One positive note from this end is my I'm calmer and no longer have tremors(caused by a stressful job). Without weed, I'd be out of work.
    I wish you success in your endeavor!

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